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tarot life tarot card reading app for android

Tarot Card Reading is not limited to rooms and reading centers today. It has spread its wings all over the globe. Not only this but Tarot Card Reading has also embraced digitalization and so there are so many free Tarot Card Reading app for android available online which have bridged the gap between you and the powerful mystic world of tarot.

Out of these uncountable apps, one Tarot Card Reading app topping the charts is the ‘Tarot’. It has become the most sought after application in a short span of time. It is available for Free download on both iOS and Android platforms.

Tarot Card Reading today is a cosmopolitical event. There are millions that are trusting these readings in both online and offline.

Top 10 tarot Card Reading Apps for Android & iOS

  1. Tarot Reading Free
  2. Fortune Teller
  3. Galaxy Tarot
  4. astroyogi
  5. dailyhoroscopeplus
  6. hemisphere3.tarot
  7. tarotapp.freetarotreading
  8. internetdesignzone.tarocards
  9. app.freetarotreading
  10. green.freetarotcardreadingapp

Online free readings come with numerous advantages and ‘Tarot Life’ has a lot in store for everyone. It eliminates the need of meeting a tarot reader by getting out of your routine life and gives you the most accurate tarot insights on various aspects of life.

Features of Tarot Card Reading App for Android & iOS

tarot life tarot card reading & numerology app for android

Let us get a sneak peek into its prime features

  • Tarot
  1. Daily Tarot
  2. Love Tarot
  3. Career Tarot
  4. Finance Tarot
  5. Yes or No Tarot
  6. Past-Present-Future Tarot
  • Numerology
  • Tarot Card Description
  • Saved Reports
  • Card Of The Day

The app basically focuses on two different aspects of fortune telling. One is Tarot Card Reading and the other is Numerology Reading.


Tarot Card Reading

This window provides six wide options of different tarot cards that can be used on daily basis to get prepared for the day.

  1. Daily Tarot– What is better than planning your day as per the messages sent by the universe? This feature of this app helps you to find on a brief note what the day is about to offer you. It asks you to choose different tarot cards and on the basis of your selection, the forecast for the day is made.
  2. Love Tarot– If you are in love, then it is always exciting to know how will the day conclude with your loved one. Even if you are not in love, it foretells, you might colloid with your special one. Love Tarot predicts your love traits. May it be the problems faced by you or your partner, a change, a happy omen, moving on or a new beginning, this says it all.
  3. Career Tarot– Will you get a job today or will your boss promote you, Career Tarot has it all disclosed for you. By picking these cards, you can unlock your present and future career-related questions. It gives you intense readings about your professional aspects in a few taps.
  4. Finance Tarot– Earning bread and butter is very important for all. Constant earning and investments are the crucial needs to lead a successful life. Finance Tarot helps you to get an insight into your financial status in the near future. Based on your card selection, it says what you are up to. It also warns you if there are some cautious choices to be made.
  5. Yes or No Tarot– This tarot is very helpful for all. There are situations when we are unable to decide whether to go for it or not. Yes or No Tarot feature rescues you in such cases. Based on your card selection, it will prompt you whether a particular task is to be done or not.
  6. Past-Present-Future Tarot– It is the life summed up in three segments. This feature can guide you in present and future on the basis of your past experiences. It also enlightens various life aspects such as finance, love, etc.   


Numerology App

Study of numbers that influence your life is numerology. It is a language of numbers in which the universe sends us the signals in form of numbers. It can unveil the secrets and leading paths of your life. This is basically a subpart of Astrology that implements numbers to unfold the destiny of a person.

It aims to find meanings by analyzing and computing numbers. ‘Tarot Life’ makes it possible to get detailed and accurate readings of your life with numbers without a numerology master for free.

This app uses your name and date of birth to carry out some calculations. These calculations result in three major numbers namely Life Path Number, Destiny Number, and Maturity Number.

Let’s get to know these three in detail.

  1. Life Path Number– This number holds the most crucial information about you. It describes you as a person at the time of your birth and the qualities you are likely to follow throughout your life. It is calculated by adding up your birth date. This number describes the character of a person through its life. The life path ranges from 1-9 and every number has significant traits.
  2. Destiny Number– The ‘lucky number’ we have been finding out entire life is this destiny number. It is calculated by summing up the date of birth of a person. There is another way of calculating a destiny number by replacing birth names with numerical values. It essentially describes the personal traits, talents, and capabilities of a person. The destiny number ranges from 1-9 and 11 and 22.  
  3. Maturity Number– Your birth has a specific purpose and your life is set to move in a definite direction. Maturity number is the number that sets its feet in young age and starts to grow when you grow with age. These desires of yours begin to manifest when you reach at the age of 30-35. It is something that develops the understanding of an individual. Maturity number ranges from 1-9 and 11 and 22.

The best part about this section of ‘Tarot Life’ is that it motivates a person by telling them five positive facts about them. Not only this, but it also describes five challenges faced by the person. It also suggests what skills a person can adopt as per its life numbers.

All in all, Tarot Life is your one go-to Tarot Card Reading App whether you need quick advice or detailed life guidance. Install it now for FREE on your iOS or Andriod device!   

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