Bit Guardian Parental Control App Review [2019 Update]


Bit Guardian parental control app is the right mix of modern parenting on a digital platform.

The app offers a comprehensive package for digital parenting.

The user-friendly features of this parental control app is the primary reason for its popularity. This being the reason, we planned to review this amazing app. But we came across a few challenges, the app had some great reviews along with the worst case scenarios.

But, why would some criticize an app that gives complete control of their kid’s device?

After doing some practical research about the application, we came to a conclusion that the under rated reviews were given by the kids.  

As the app allows the parents to set a leash on their kid’s screen time and app browsing hours, stay up-to-date with their whereabouts and over speeding stunts, set up virtual boundaries for their safety and block suspicious callers.

Bit Guardian Parental control app has more offerings which work seamlessly in comparison to the competitors.

Introduction & Review of Bit Guardian Parental Control App

Kids spend more time in mobile phone activities than their parents. Often, parents receive updates on kids’ lives through social media notifications. Strange, right?

Sadly, kids are occupied in smartphones for a reasonable period while all other activities take a back seat.

Considering these common grievances from today’s parents, Bit Guardian crafted a parental control app to secure kids from digital addiction and unpredictable dangers.

Parents use the Bit Guardian parental control app for its simple and easy to use app experience.

Right from app installation to child monitoring activities, the app is self-explanatory! We witnessed the same during our parental control review.


What is Bit Guardian parental control app?

Bit Guardian parental control app is technologically sophisticated yet easy to use the app.

Bit Guardian has earned its name in the parental control landscape due to its core offerings without any complicated features.

Bit Guardian Parental Control Review was also an easy task as every feature does exactly what it states.

Bit Guardian introduced the app on the Android platform and sticks to the traditional Freemium business model with a slight twist for the benefit of users.

What we appreciate is the per product pricing which reduces the wastage of user’s money on unwanted services. Pay approximately $ 21.42 per year per product.

You get a decent seven day trial period before purchasing the premium offerings.

During our review of parental control apps, we were very disappointed with some competitors providing barely 3 days to understand the app.

Be a super parent in the danger-prone digital world by unlocking the smart capabilities of Bit Guardian.

The Bit Guardian Parental control app is a perfect example for managing and controlling the kid’s unwanted addiction.

The functionalities are curated to restrict and filter mobile app contents that can hinder with kids’ innocent thoughts.

How does the Bit Guardian parental control app work?

Review of parental control apps captures the ease of setting up the app.

Setting up the Bit Guardian is a piece of cake and hardly requires any help.

For creating the Bit Guardian Parental control review, we installed the app on our Android device. Good news for users- only one app is required for both parent and kid.

Install the app in the parent device and select the parent mode.

Now you will need to create the account on the parent device and add the password for the Data Protection Plan. Go ahead and add a kid with their name, gender, number and date of birth.

Now install the app in your kid’s device. You can use the parent credentials to log in or use the option of Scanning the QR code from the parent device.  

Bit Guardian parental control study was surprisingly easy for us. The installation procedure is not at all a rocket science, simple and straightforward.

Features of Bit Guardian Parental Control app

features of bid guardian parental control

Bit Guardian Parental Control App Review For Parent Device

Review of Bit Guardian Parental Control App for parents device

Free offering of App

App Block

Control your kids’ attraction to unsuitable contents by blocking apps from their app menu.

Parent will get a clear picture of all apps installed by your kid. Take charge of your kid’s app collection and lock all unwanted gaming, dating, gambling and adult apps.

If you are worried that your kid can request unblocking apps?

Yes, they can, and it works smoothly in the app. Kids can ask you to unblock apps from their dashboard, based on your assessment you can grant permission or say NO!


Enabling the panic alert ensures kid’s safety even in remote locations.

Your kids can send SOS calls to grab your attention wherever you are, and you can reach your kid immediately.

The app sends an alert with the option of calling the kid or sharing the information of SOS with another responsible elder in case you can’t make it.

App install Block

Save the effort of blocking each app, directly block the app install feature.

Do not allow your kid to download any inappropriate app from the play store.

Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode creates a new launcher on your kids’ phone.

Parents get to remotely control the kids’ phone by adding important apps like calculator, clock, educational apps etc.

Premium Plan includes


Create a virtual boundary for your kid. To set the geofence, you need to establish a central location according to your kid’s daily routine.  

Based on the center location, define a reasonable radius to track your kid. Each time your kid crosses the Geofence, you will be notified. Both while getting in and going out, you will receive a notification.

You can also set a speed limit for your kid’s road safety. In case your kid crosses the speed limit, get notified instantaneously.


You can stop worrying about unknown callers now; the app provides a perfect method to block contacts and unknown numbers; this includes both incoming and outgoing calls.

Time Schedule

Your kid’s screen time is in your control, restrict screen time during essential activities.

You can set screen time based on app category or bedtime.  There are no limitations on app category.

Set screen time for all apps by merely entering the start time and end time and as an additional option select the repeat weekdays.

The time schedule functionality turns out to be much more comfortable than the other apps in the market.


Here is one brilliant capability if your kid’s phone is lost or stolen.

Locate your kid’s phone, ring the phone to get attention or restore factory setting to rescue your kid’s private details.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App Review For Kid Device

Review of Bit Guardian Parental Control App for child device


Your kid will have the ability to request a change, using the child app.

They can ask you to unblock apps, change the time schedule or remove kiosk mode.

SOS & Pick Me

Your child can reach you in case of emergencies. Once they press, the SOS button gets their location and contact them immediately.

You can also call your distressed kids, or share their details with another responsible guardian.

When your child clicks on “pick me” button, you will be notified the location along with the request.

Scope of Improvement

After many parental control reviews of other apps in the parental control landscape, we were worried about the iOS presence, but the website states they are Coming Soon!

Rest, the simplicity of the Bit Guardian Parental control app makes a lot of difference.

Why we loved the Bit Guardian Parental control app?

There are many reasons why this app gains name in the market. While creating the Bit Guardian Parental control review, we found a few points that we loved in the app.

Bit Guardian Parental control  review rating (4.8) is comparatively higher than other market players.

Parents have appreciated and liked the app for being an all-rounder in the smartphone space.

More importantly, the app is decent and fixes primary parental controls.

Premium features are separated in the pricing plan. Bit Guardian Parental control app makes earnest effort to sell only those products that users need, buy what you need!

Anti-theft capabilities are missing in most apps in the market.

Great addition in Bit Guardian Parental control app!

Uninstallation from Child device is difficult for the child.

 They cannot get through any workarounds to get rid of the app without the parent’s permission.

Install this simple and easy to use app and get the many benefits of Bit Guardian Parental Control app.

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  2. elizabeth whipple

    I have used this app and it is totally worth it. I have used many other parental control apps for my kids but to be honest bit-guardian is the best among all. I was very much worried about my kids but after using this application I am relaxed.
    The article written is very good and has covered all the necessary information.
    Kudos to the writer.

  3. olivia handley

    Bit guardian parental control app is really very good for me and my kids. Thanks for providing parental control app reviews.

  4. Betway

    Thanks for providing parental control app reviews.

  5. candace coulombe

    Is this parental control app is good for remove kiosk mode?

    1. gajendra

      yes, this parental control app has a good kiosk mode.

  6. Nikia Brown

    I can not get pass the Do Not Disturb setting. My daughter’s phone does not have that function. So, this app will not let me bypass it to goto the next stage.

  7. Brenton Mckinzie

    Every time it updates I have to go reinstall it on my childs phone!! Veey annoying and not helpful whem the app unistalls itself!!!

  8. Ashutosh Goyal

    My son’s entire schedule got haywire after I bought him a phone. Then I came across this app, and just thought about giving it a shot. Initially he was bit uneasy, but now even he’s happy with the way things have turned out for him!

  9. An application worth downloading. Thumbs up for its overall working and performance.

  10. Fun wid preen

    Easy installation and simple yet effective tools grab my attention. As a single parent, this application is a boon for me. It keeps a watch on my teen’s online activities

  11. Satyam Raj

    With updates of Parental Control App, all of the program now works and works well. One issue I still have, however, is that only one parent can have the program. Attempts to add their mother causes my control to be erased. Both parents should be able to control the kids phones. If this modification were added, I’d rerate th


    Bit Guardian, how you people know what I was looking for my teenager? I can now make her phone idle during bed-time! Previously, all my shouts about going to bed and leave the phone would fall on deaf ears. Not anymore of course!

  13. Jeverly Torrazo

    I have a question. Is this app decreases a huge amount of data in the internet? Because I’m in a country that internet is consume as per promo like 1gb for 1 week. The data is not unlimited like other countries.. I hope you’ll understand my point. Thanks in advance.

  14. prakash chand jat

    Fantastic App! I have been using this application for 9 months and got a fantastic result. Fully satisfied with its overall working.

  15. Abhishek Mathur

    The app offers a wide range of functions, all right.! Even a novice like me did not find difficulty using them or even with tge installation.

  16. Piyush Vishwakarma

    A lovely Parental Control app with all the features a parent of a headstrong teenager would need! I love how I can manage and schedule her time now. Parents who are worried about their children spending excessive time on net must definitely give it a shot.

    As we discussed in the over post, all you need is a great education and learning about shoes or boots to comprehend an ideal set to your feet.
    Gather up all of these tips to use as an advantage when you
    strike the shoe retailer. Good luck in your shoe buying journeys!

  17. Akshay Vijaivargia

    Useful app. As recommended by a friend. I took the free trial of this application and found it fruitfull. Accessible features heap supervise and control child’s online activities. Good going Bit Guardian,.!!

  18. Bano Rani

    Anti-Theft is something I was looking for my child’s device and found in this software with other important functionalities. Highly recommended app!

  19. Meghali Soni

    A lovely app woth all the features a parent ot a headstrong teenager would need! I love how i can manage and schedule her time. Parents who are worried about their children spending excessive time on net must definitely give it a shot.

  20. zebrano

    not as secure Bit Guardian Parental Control app as I would have liked. 1. after testing, I was able to by-pass security and use the add guest user, and buypass all the user restrictions 2. if you give installation permission, it automatically gives permission to the intalled apps, would have prefered that the default was off, and my ….. from google play store

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