Effective And Inexpensive Startup Setup And Promotion Ideas

Setting up a startup may be easy but you will need to follow a few proven yet easy promotion ideas for its growth and success. There are a few zero to low budget ideas that all startups can follow for this matter. This will make your great product or service to be a smashing hit even if you have a shoestring budget at disposal or if it is funded.

  • These ideas will ensure that you have a proper track of every cent that you spend on your marketing purpose and do not blow all of it up in efforts that are unproductive.
  • Sometimes, proper planning will result in better and higher ROI than putting up an expensive billboard sign.

Here are a few ideas to run your startup campaign that is not a super bowl-size but as effective as those big-budget marketing strategies.

Public relations

Public relations is the key and the term itself sounds pretty enough. However, most startups find this to be an old school approach not knowing that this is something that should be followed even in the digital landscape of this day and age and it still works just as good as it did in the olden times.

You ideally do not have to spend a major chunk of your budget to hire a PR agency because there are several aspects of it that you can do all by yourself.

  • To start with, you can have an outstanding press release. You will get enough help from the internet itself as to how to write an exceptional press release.
  • Once your press release is ready you should now focus on ways to distribute it. There are lots of free resources to do this as well.

For effective PR, you will need to find a journalist that matches your business niche. Send your pitch using a press release distribution site. Remember, if your pitch is not tailor-made then the chance of getting picked up through such kinds of sites by a journalist is pretty low. You must also ensure that your press release is published on specific news a site that is good for the SEO. Remember, SEO is a very significant part of any marketing game.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that you cannot skip when you are looking for ways for low budget marketing. Without a proper SEO ranking there are two possibilities as under:

  • Your site will never be found in the world of web and therefore
  • The success of your business will be next to zero.

It is all due to better SEO strategies that you find only the best sites when you are looking for reviews and debt consolidation rating to look for the best ways to deal with your debts.

Know the basics

However, improving SEO for your site is hard and manual work. You will seldom find a magic formula or a tool that will improve your ranks in the Search Engine Result Pages simply by using it. You will need the help of experts and have a proper plan for it. Even for this, you do not have to spend loads of money to get the desired results.

If you do not want to hire an expert due to the cost factor, at least knowing the basics will help you a great deal. However, for this, you will need to have some time in your hand to implement the SEO techniques. Knowledge of the SEO basics will also have another benefit. You will not be fooled by some scam SEO consultants on the market. You can learn a lot of SEO basics by reading different free articles on the internet.

However, there may be times, especially for specific types of businesses, when simply learning the basics of SEO may not be enough. This is because:

  • The field of SEO is changing continually and you will need to keep yourself up to date with these latest trends.
  • It is also required by you in specific cases to know about the algorithm updates of different search engines.

There are several online publications such as Search Engine Watch which you can subscribe to know the latest updates and requirements and plan your moves accordingly.

Social media marketing

In this modern day and age, everything seems to be done digitally whether it is promoting a business or making a transaction. It is, for this reason, you will see that almost all businesses of today make the most use of social media platforms when it comes to marketing their products and services. According to Sprout Social, it is found that:

  • A social media management platform is used by almost 30% of people to come to know about a new business brand and
  • Most people use this platform to get engaged with a business or brand at least once a month.

With such figures, one thing is very clear: social media marketing channel is something that you cannot simply ignore today. In fact, social media marketing is not just about a brand any longer. It is therefore required by business startups to keep a few points in their mind while using the social media channels for their business marketing purpose and these are:

  • Startups should not use this channel for broadcasting their company
  • Instead, they should focus on minimizing the content especially when it is all about new product design or a seasonal sale or a new award and
  • The primary focus should be on creating a relationship with the audience which is essential for a startup.

The success of your startup will depend on how effectively and quickly you can start a meaningful conversation with your audience or fans in your social media. You must build a community by publishing some useful and meaningful content as this has a huge potential to go viral rather than your seasonal sale.

Last but not least, it is all about ‘you’ is the marketing channel which most startups tend to miss out.

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