Top Marketing Hacks to Build Your Brand on Instagram


It is no wonder that most businesses today are on Instagram that has over one billion users.
It is one of the best social platforms to market your products and services to connect with
your prospects from all over the world.

The image-sharing site is also on consumers’ smartphones, the millennials in particular,
who shop for online products on their mobile phones on the go, at home, or office. It
implies that you need an Instagram marketing plan to generate leads and convert them into
your loyal customers.
According to an article published on , you can only boost
your Instagram marketing when you have a big fan following. More people reaching for
your products will start following your business. It would help in growing your brand when
you post visually appealing content on the photo-sharing platform. Here are the top
marketing hacks to develop your brand on Instagram:
Avoid bothering your prospects
You need to post frequently to improve your social media presence. It also helps your
brand to stay relevant. Then, if you post too often, it may overwhelm your current and
prospective customers. Soon they may start to unfollow your Instagram business page if
they feel your brand is an imposition to them.
There is no magic to make your posts work. You need to experiment and see how your
audience responds to your content. Start posting two daily or every alternate day of the
week. Study the engagement level. If your posts earn лайки инстаграм , post a single
content every day. Focus on user engagement more than anything does. When your
follower count increases, you need to continue posting, maybe in less frequency.
Use relevant and interactive hashtags
The use of related Instagram hashtags helps you to place and arrange your product visuals
and video easily. It is the perfect way to tag your Instagram content so that people find you

without much searching. However, stay away from using generic hashtags because many
are using them.
Adhere to certain rules when using hashtags. Do not use too many of them in a single post.
Include 4-5 related hashtags. Posting a paragraph of 20 hashtags will make you a spammer
in the eyes of Instagram and Google. Use interactive hashtags instead. These hashtags are
those that consumers use to tag images with the items they have just bought.
If you plan to introduce an Instagram campaign, use some branded hashtags. You can use
them in quizzes, competitions, new product launches, and marketing content.
Use Instagram tools
Instagram business accounts have analytics that you can use to take your branding to the
next level. They’re called Insights that lets you know about post engagement and
impressions. Make the most of these tools on Instagram to grow your brand on the photo-
sharing social site. These tools and analytics will help you determine how your prospects
are using your content and interacting with your posts. It will help you to make changes to
improve user engagement.
Though this is not a comprehensive list, you can use these ideas to build your brand image
on Instagram. Be creative to improve user engagement.
Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a social media marketing specialist who has worked with
several startups, small businesses and helped them also launch effective campaigns to boost
their overall online presence and visibility.

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