Demystifying Website Traffic Generation from Social Media for Online Entrepreneurs

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When you are an online entrepreneur, perhaps the biggest challenge is how to bump up your online marketing strategy to the next level and get ahead of the competition. Since the center of all online business is the website, it follows that all your activities should be geared to promoting activities on it to boost the number of transactions and your profits. While you will need a clear and logical mind to frame your business objectives and maximize all your resources to achieve them, it is quite evident that the process will need to start by boosting the traffic to the website and converting it to actual paying customers. A very effective way of boosting website traffic is to use social media because of its huge popularity in recent times. Some useful and practical tips on using social media to generate traffic for your website:

Ensure That the Social Media Profile Is Complete

The profile section of your social media account is generally the first thing that users refer to know more about you. Use the profile to explain what industry you operate in, the products and services you offer, the value-addition offered, and why your business is credible and trustworthy. Insert your business or brand logo so that people can recognize your account better. Be sure to include the address of your business and its contacts as well as the hours of business to promote local transactions. Generally, if you have a business account, all the contact information, as well as the website URL, is contained in a separate section that has clickable links for people who are interested to send out emails, call you over the phone, or visit your website. It is not strictly necessary to provide the link only to the homepage of the website.If you are running a promotion, you may wish to give the link to a landing page designed specially to encourage participation and conversion. 

Promote Blogs through Social Media 

Posting links of your blogs hosted on your website on your social media accounts can be very effective in driving a lot of traffic from social media followers. When your own followers like the blog, they will be tempted to share it with their own followers leading to a rapid multiplier effect that will lead to a significant boost on both the website traffic as well as the number of followers, thus increasing your reach. Make sure that the blog post has all the sharing buttons for all the popular social media networks to facilitate easy sharing. If you are posting excerpts from the blog post on the social media, you will need to keep in mind that character count restrictions that different platforms impose, while Facebook has a liberal 10,000-character limit, Twitter offers only 280 characters. 

Share Insights into Your Business  

When posting content on social media, it can be very tempting to tom-tom your products and services, however, it should be appreciated that typically users are looking out for content that entertains them and to which they can relate. It is far better to share news of what is happening within the company at the human level. For example, pictures of an event or any recent recognition that the company may have got isgenerally of greater interest than a picture of a product. If you are able to impress users with your performance or achievements, it encourages users to visit your website to know more about you. Ensure that a very good user experience awaits the traffic being generated from social media as that will significantly boost conversions. If you are in a real hurry to build a large follower base that genuinely interacts with your posts on Instagram, you could consider Gramista, a leading social media marketing assistance provider.

Ensure That Social Media Content Is Engaging 

For your social media accounts to generate website traffic, it is essential that the content you post is visually very attractive and entertaining because otherwise, followers are not going to spare a second glance at them in their feeds. Even more than photos, people love videos, as they are more engaging and add more value to their knowledge. In an age when it is all about speed, users just do not want to be bogged down with text to read. You do need text but only to support the visuals being used. When using images, make sure that the image is of very high quality. If possible, get it shot by a professional photographer unless you want to use user-generated content to build more interest and user-loyalty by making them feel special. Pay special attention to the brightness and the contrast, as dark images do not reproduce very well on mobile and computer screens.

Pay Attention to Hashtags

Hashtags are very important in the world of social media. Not only do they provide users a method for searching for content that they are looking for but also serve to tie-in posts that deal with the same subject. While it may be tempting to use the most popular hashtags, it means that your post could easily get lostdue to millions of posts with the same hashtags. Rather, you should attempt to use hashtags that are relevant to the image you have posted but at the same time not so much used. The best results are generally obtained with branded hashtags, which combine your band name and the subject of the image in one hashtag. According to, you should not overuse hashtags because the content begins to look like spam and could have users ignoring them. 


Given the intensity of competition in virtually every sector and niche, it is vital that online entrepreneurs develop a robust business model that they can support with a flexible and versatile marketing plan. When the budget is tight, as they are in the initial days, focusing on developing a website that offers great functionality along with a very high quality of user experience is important. To generate traffic to the website, you will need to think about social media apart from SEO tactics. The sheer number of users of social media makes it extremely attractive for marketers to seek out their niche target audience and then encourage them to visit their websites using a variety of strategies.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a social media marketing specialist who has worked with several startups, small businesses and helped them also launch effective campaigns to boost their overall online presence and visibility.

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