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Whether it is your Instagram photos, videos or your Instagram Stories, it is required that you have enough exposure on the platform. That will not come by easily. You will have to follow simple tricks and tips to ensure that. 

Last year was an incredible year for Instagram Stories which somewhat minimized the adverse effects of the declining number of organic reaches. It is therefore expected that the stories will become even more popular and a key factor for the businesses to gain more followers and engagement. You can Buy followers for your Instagram with Upleap.

Use Instagram stories

Instagram Stories, that usually appear on the Instagram Explore page, is something that people who do not even follow you can see it. If they like what they see, it is highly likely that they will follow you.

  • It is for this reason that experts suggest that you have an active Instagram story at all times. It will increase the exposure. 
  • Instagram stories can also appear in the Search pages as well depending on the different locations and hashtags.

In most of the times it is seen that specific Instagram geo-locations and hashtags usually have its own stories attached to it. This however, is an under-utilized feature of Instagram. In this year and those following, experts expect that it will become more popular and the Instagram users will be more comfortable using it to create and watch their stories.

Adding hashtags to Instagram Stories

You will be better off in terms of exposure on Instagram if you use hashtags to your Instagram stories. This is an easy thing to do wherein you will have to either:

  • Just type in the relevant hashtag you want to use or 
  • Use the hashtag sticker to add a hashtag of your choice.

If your hashtag is popular enough, then the people searching for that hashtag on Instagram will be able to view an activeInstagram story on that hashtag too, real time.


Adding location to Instagram stories

You will also get geo-specific exposure when you add location to your Instagram stories. All you have to do to add a location to your story is just click on the specific location sticker and add it to the story.

The Instagram Stories for locations will work well for all such as:

  • The individual businesses
  • The cities 
  • The landmarks and much more.

When the story with a location tag is added to the search page, you will get a notification from Instagram. On the other hand, when the photo or video of your story can be viewed on the hashtag or location page, when you see who else has seen your story, you will also see the name of that specific page.


Boost Instagram post

If you want to reach out to newer audience then you will have to boost your Instagram post, just the kind you see in sites like and other marketers. This is a better and more prudent idea given the fact that organic reach deteriorating on Instagram, though Instagram advertising is not as popular as Facebook advertising.

Once again, thanks to the features of Instagram, running an Instagram ad campaign of your own is not at all a difficult task, provided you know the right ways or have done it before. This is because:

  • You do not need to create any complex Instagram ads in the Facebook business manager
  • All you need to do is create an Instagram post just like you do normally and 
  • When it is posted just click on the “promote” button.

Instagram will do the rest by pulling in the similar audience with whom you can share the post with. If you want, you can also build your own audience in the app. For this, all you have to do is choose a specific interest, age range, as well as the gender of the audience you wish to promote your product and brand to.

When you post, just make sure that:

  • You set the goal to “profile visits.” 
  • Also make sure that you include an eye-captivating image.
  • Do not forget to add an engaging caption to it.

This will ensure a better and further exposure as the Instagram post will then appear in the feed just like normal. However, the only difference will be in the “sponsored” notation that is located at the top of the feed as well as the call-to-action button.

Start small always

When you want to make the best from Instagram, it is better that you do not expect to hit big right from the day one. Since creating impressions on the minds of the people and getting a lot of exposure is not an easy task and may take time, more so if you do not make use of the features of Instagram properly, you should always start with a small and daily budget. The best way to go ahead is to run your Instagram ad for a couple of days in the beginning.

Remember, creating Instagram ads is not just a process but it is actually a science as well as an art and there should be a perfect blend of the two to make your process less cumbersome and effective. 

To make your effort easier you should know a few specific aspects that will help you to gain a lot of exposure. These are:

  • The new and more proven ways to gain more new followers
  • All the Instagram tools that will help you to gain these new followers on the platform
  • You must know about all the different metrics that will help you to know whether or not your marketing strategy is moving in the right direction 
  • Know and do proper analysis to see whether your effort is providing the highest yield in return and lastly
  • All the new Instagram features that will help you to grow your Instagram account.

Therefore, if you really want to gain a lot of exposure from your Instagram effort, you should be ready and willing to rectify all your posts and even your audiences until you achieve your business and marketing goal and the results that you want.

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