8 Tips For Handling Negative Publicity on the Internet

handling negative publicity and branding

From negative reviews to news articles, there are a lot of ways in which you can get negative publicity on the internet. There are billions of internet users and thus it is impossible for a company to escape criticism in some way or form. Negative publicity spreads like wildfire on the internet and it can adversely affect the business of companies with bad publicity in a lot of different ways. If a negative story about your business goes viral, it has the potential of doing irreplaceable harm to your brand. Sometimes negative publicity is just inevitable because that is just how life is.

While completely avoiding negative publicity is difficult and borderline impossible, there are a lot of things that you can do to limit the damage. Your initial response matters more than you know in the why and how to handle bad press. While they won’t completely rid of you of the repercussions of the negative publicity, you can

limit the damage done to a considerable extent.

So, in order to remove bad reviews from google,

Visit this piece of 8 different ways on how to deal with negative publicity. Let’s get started!

  • Plan

Risk varies across different categories, niches, and industries. While you can’t always avoid them, you can always plan well in advance of handling them. Identify problem areas that have the potential of ruining your reputation and then make a solid plan of handling such problems, if and when they happen. You can always learn from the mistakes of others by researching how other companies with negative publicity managed such issues in the past, how they succeeded or failed in doing so. Good and bad publicity is a part and parcel of every company’s journey and you should be prepared to handle them at all times.

  • Be Vigilant

Don’t wait for bad things to happen and then go about correcting them. If something goes wrong with the products or services that you are offering, make sure to inform your customers as soon as you can. Your first response should be of informing them and you can do so by posting updates on your website or your social media accounts. It is advised to be vigilant and proactive at all times, even if the problem doesn’t turn to be so serious, you should go ahead with your plan of action. Always remember better be safe than sorry!

  • PR Spokesperson

If you don’t handle a problem in the initial stages, it has the potential of spiraling out of control. Media outlets and your rivals might try everything in their power, to make mountains out of molehills and blow the problem completely out of proportion. If you don’t act in the first stage, it will be seen as your failing and it will only go on to compound your woes. Hence to avert this PR disaster on the horizon, you need to hire an experienced PR professional who can effectively handle the situation. This person should always be in the know of the plan that you have during the time of situations like these.

  • Face it with Facts

Whatever problem it is, you need to face it upfront and with facts. Provide a fact-based story that will effectively take care of all the nefarious plans your rivals and rumor mongers are making. You need to explain what has transpired and the steps that you are taking to fix the problem. If possible, you also need to state the measures of action that you are taking to ensure that this incident won’t happen again in the future.

  • Apologize if needed

If you feel you are at fault, then accept the wrongdoing and put forth a sincere apology. Even if you feel you are not at fault, it is always a safe option to apologize for the inconvenience that may have been caused to the customers. You should do so appropriately and maturely. Don’t go around passing the blame to staff employed in your organization. Just accept the blame on behalf of the company and apologize for the problem as a whole. Honesty is always the best policy and by doing so, you will be able to come across as sincere to your customers.

  • Keep Things in Check

Don’t let the entire focus be on the one solitary bad thing that is getting you all the negative publicity. A lot must have happened in the company and to balance everything, you need to put the focus on the good things that have happened. If it is not a major issue and not a lot of people have been affected, you need to share positive stories centered on the happenings in your company.

  • Fix It

After the storm has settled, it is time to go into a brainstorming mode and review the entire incident. You need to do an exhaustive postmortem analysis on what happened and then think just what you could have done differently to avert or mitigate the PR disaster in question. This may entail introducing new strategies and discontinuing old strategies as you plan for the future.

  • Reconstruction

You need to follow the above mentioned tips before reaching here. Once you have done everything enlisted above, it is time to put the issue behind you. You can do so by building a campaign that generates heavy-traffic centered on positive results. This will outrank the negative publicity and don’t let it gain any more steam. You will now be directing attention towards positive things and it will make the public forget the negative things. If not entirely, then you can considerably minimize the damage that has been caused to your reputation through negative publicity

Wrapping Up

How to handle bad press is an exercise which takes a lot of time to master. You learn a lot through trial and error. It is impossible to always avoid negative publicity, but what you can do is to prepare yourself any and all possibilities.You can also hire personal reputation management company which will help you in managing your reputation on the internet.

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