6 ways to boost confidence at a job interview

6 ways to boost confidence at a job interview

There are two types of people, one who are confident while walking to an interview and others who sweat with anxiety even thinking about their next interview. Well, I belong to the second category, and if you are reading this article, you must be too.

I don’t understand how some people are so calm and confident sitting and waiting for their interview. They ooze confidence while I am fidgeting in my seat and going through the worst scenarios in my mind. Job interviews have this effect on people. Individuals who are otherwise confident in their day to day life feel nervous and stammer while giving a job interview. It is a big problem as you need to appear calm, composed, and confident while interviewing for your dream job.

There are some ways that can help boost your confidence in an interview, but they won’t help you overnight. These are small changes that will change the way you approach an interview and will make you seem more confident.

Let’s take a look.. 6 ways to boost confidence at a job interview

  1.   Connect with interviewers instead of impressing them

Focusing solely on impressing the interviewers with your skills and knowledge won’t help you. If you want the person sitting in front of you to feel your confidence and like you, it is best to connect with them.

Build a rapport with your interviewers, it will help talk more confidently about your skills, knowledge, and your life goals, and why you want this job.

Everyone likes a person who is considerate of what others are saying and is not too lost in his thoughts.  Don’t keep exaggerating about yourself, instead asks questions, and engage the interviewer, and listen to them. Instead of trying to get the interviewer like your resume, make him like you. 

  1.   Show yourself some kindness before the interview

 One of the best ways to boost your confidence is to show kindness to yourself. Be calm and compassionate while talking to yourself and speak only positive things. Affirm yourself that you can and will nail that interview and convince yourself not to sell yourself short.

Also, take care of yourself before a big interview, make simple changes like resting on time, no negative thinking, eating a healthy breakfast, and so on can help boost your confidence. 

  1.   Calm yourself with meditation

When you are relaxed and comfortable with your environment, you are confident. Successful people ooze confidence because they are calm and relaxed. It is not easy to remain calm and adapt to various environments. But with meditation and breathing exercises you can accomplish this.

Practice meditation regularly so that it helps get rid of stress in your life, and makes you adapt to any situation with ease, including interviews.

  1.   Get rid of last minute jitters with your favorite activity

Often we do fine till the day before the interview, but as the time to head for the interview comes near, we start getting nervous and lose confidence. At such a time, the best way to get rid of this nervousness is to indulge in your favorite activity and have fun.

If dancing helps with your anxieties, put on some loud music, and dance your heart out till you feel confident again. Similarly, listening to music or taking walks works for me the best, find out what relaxes you and do that activity for boosting your confidence. 

  1.   Imagine yourself at the interview nailing it

Positive visualizing can do wonders for you. Before walking into an interview, visualize yourself succeeding in the interview, and it will positively boost your confidence.

Imagine the whole scenario- how you will walk toward the office, your postures, how you will talk to the interviewer, and so on. It will help you figure out the best way to do everything and nail that interview. 

  1.   Go with preparation

When you prepare yourself before you sit for a job interview, it helps you give answers with confidence. So, before the interview, read up on potential questions and do some research about the company.

When you are confident, people overlook minor mistakes as your personality wins them over. Adopt these changes into your life, and this new approach towards job interview will certainly boost your confidence.

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