Course in Supply Chain Management

Course in Supply Chain Management

The Merits of Taking up a Course in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a procedure by which stored items reaches to the
consumers in other words we can say it is a flow of goods from its raw material to
transformation to final products. To overcome these hurdles in this era of
competition we must have a good knowledge of business to maximise the profit or
customer value and maintain advantageous position in the market. It is an
important phenomenon to regulate market price by giving a fair competition in

As it is a fascinating job many students want to pursue it as a career choice. Many
courses those are planned by different institution to understand the logistics of
supply chain management can be opted by these students. These institutes have
many courses like diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate courses on the bases of
requirement of the candidate.

 In these courses candidate must go through some important topics.

Thorough study of these topics may increase the ability of individual to
understand to the basic structure of supply chain management.


Certificate program or diploma in supply chain management is the basic start-
up point in this field.

Duration of course varies from 3 to 11 months.
Fee may vary within the range of INR 4000 – INR 50,000.


Duration of this course is of 2 years.
Fee varies within the range of INR 10,000-INR 50,000.


Time duration required for MBA is 2 years.
Fee generally varies within the range of INR 13.5K to 20K per semester.
This profession is also opted by BBM, BBA OR BBS graduate students those who
may plan to pursue diploma and MBA degree in supply chain management.
Delhi has not only India’s best institutions for supply chain management through
which students can explore the opportunities in different sectors like shipping
companies, construction firms, land and air transport, IT industry, manufacturing
industry, service sector etc .Many world’s reputed companies hire the graduates
and post graduate students from supply chain management with a good package
from 5 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum from here. The students who want a good
career option in some big companies related to business can adapt this course to
get a good reputation in the system along with some good money that can be
made easily. The job after these degrees is quite prestigious and authoritarian innature and position.

The course can get a chance for the students to secure a
good job outside the nation. The course not only allows us to learn supply chain
management but also helps to develop various skills through the activities that
goes on during the course. It allows the student to develop communication skills,
leadership quality, becoming confident and presentable. It allows the student to
open up on their thoughts due to discussions and debates.

Thus the course can provide a great amount of skills, money and prestige to the

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