Discover Effective Instagram Secrets for Driving More Traffic to Your E-Commerce Site

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Facebook has been seeing a decline in reach and that is primarily the reason why brands
have been looking for a better alternative. Fortunately, they have discovered a versatile and
powerful platform such as Instagram which is a visual-based social media channel and an
effective marketing tool. Instagram has proved to the e-commerce marketers that it has
huge commercial potential and no wonder it has been referred to as the “The World’s Most
Powerful Selling Tool” by Forbes.


In this context, however, if you are an e-commerce business, you must realize that the
ground rules for promotion and marketing are quite different on Instagram. Instagram is
certainly not meant for publishing links to the e-commerce site, pumping products via
advertorial copy or even pushing sales. It is the ultimate destination for harnessing the
sheer power of high-quality images. Here are a few effective ways of leveraging this
powerful social media platform to boost your e-commerce business.

Raw Pictures Steal the Show

Instagram’s main plus-point is its purely visual nature. Many marketers are puzzled as to
how could they convey their brand message without a copy? They need to understand that
pictures speak volumes and Instagram relies on high-quality, high-resolution, and relevant
pictures to boost any brand. Each picture is worth a thousand words.


Instagram followers reward and enhance the art of pictures. E-commerce brands that
respond actively with eye-catching, emotion-packed pictures of their products and clients
actually unveil the emotional and visual power of the platform and effectively drive the
willingness and desire to buy.

Unleash the Power of Hashtags

Instagram faces a marketing challenge in terms of the lack of links. However, it encourages
the use of hashtags. You must as an e-commerce brand, achieve broader reach and gain
new Instagram followers by using popular hashtags such as #latergram, or #instagood, or
#throwbackthursdays. You may consider using hashtags as a critical connection between
the brand and the consumer.

Hashtags are known to have the brilliant ability to collect and aggregate pictures submitted
as an element of a specific marketing campaign, boost photo submissions, and motivate an
Instagram user effectively so that he goes from merely submitting a picture to purchasing a

Focus on Analytics

As per , “A simple review of your analytics within Instagram gives
you useful information that you can use to increase engagement. Under the audience tab
you can see when your followers are on Instagram, down to each hour, and then plan your
future posts at peak times to get the most mileage out of them.”

You may even pay special attention to precisely those pictures that receive the maximum
likes. These posts would provide an insight into exactly what your target audience is
looking for. You could effectively utilize this valuable information by posting such things
that the audience is having a preference for and boosting engagement that way.
Get Rid of Professional Models & Use Real People

It is a good idea to focus on crowdsourcing content directly from all your Instagram
followers instead of using professional and hired models or top celebrities. You must focus
on portraying a relatable and relevant brand image that is full of real customers. This
original and unique approach to Instagram allows the followers to realize that acquiring
that hi-fi fashionable look is very much within their reach.


E-commerce brands must stay unique and authentic on Instagram if they wish to enjoy a
competitive edge. It is better to focus their attention and design endeavors around users’
pictures. Authenticity is the key to success and that is the most effective way of unlocking
the true sales potential of Instagram!

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