Medical Universities in China! Know the Best…

Medical universities in China

Hey future doctors! Hope you all are doing well. Now, since you gave 10+2 PCBE examinations you might be relaxed or maybe you are preparing for your competitive exams or looking for courses after 12th. So, what did you decide for your future? Wanna do MBBS? If yes, then from where? India or somewhere abroad? What I suggest is you should go for the abroad option.

Now, when we are talking about doing MBBS from abroad I should tell you that there is no better place than China for doing MBBS. MBBS in China for Indian students is like heaven as it is very much affordable and all the universities are approved by MCI i.e. Medical Council of India.

The top medical universities in China which are approved by MCI has great Infrastructure and has students from all corners of the world. Moreover, the Chinese medical university degree has a validity worldwide and by that degree, after completing your MBBS you can go anywhere in the world for your master’s degree or for practical MBBS training.

So, let’s proceed and know which university will be the best medical university in China. By the end of this article, you will get all the answers regarding which medical university should you choose.

Top 10 Medical Universities in China for MBBS

#1. Shihezi University.

Shihezi University is one of the most popular medical universities in China which offers so many medical courses like Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine(MBBS), and many more. They also offer other stream courses like Biochemistry, Nursing, Anatomy, etc. Shihezi University is an MCI approved university so you will need 75% marks in your 10+2 examination. Shihezi has created its name and graduates more than 50 Indian students every year.

#2. Shanghai University.

One of the top-ranked medical universities in China which provides education in English language and the degree has worldwide validity. Shanghai University is especially famous for its western and clinical MBBS for Indian and International students. Other specialist courses are also there in this university like they provide educational, research, and training facilities to Indian and International students. This University is located in the heart of the Shanghai city which is situated in South China.

#3. Qingdao University.

Qingdao University is one of the top 3 medical universities in China and is well-known for its unique and modern teaching techniques. This University is situated in a very beautiful place i.e. Shandong province in China and is considered as the number 1 university for pursuing MBBS in China for Indian students. You can check from the past records of this university and get confirmation or you can talk to students already studying there.

#4. Liaoning University.

Liaoning University was built up in 1948. MBBS is the course which is fragmented without practical learning and here you will get that advantage as here you will be taught everything practically. Also, you will be taught western medicine in clinical practice. You don’t need to take stress as this is one of the best medical universities in China which are endorsed by WHO which is the World Health Organization so you will get the best learning at Liaoning University.

#5. Jilin University.

For your standard and quality MBBS education, you should go with this Jilin University. This college comes in the best 20 medical universities in China for Indian and International understudies. This college in China has made its name in the rundown of Chinese medical colleges as they also provide various kinds of scholarships to Indian as well as International understudies with the goal that the students can get the best medical education at reasonable prices.

#6. Shanxi University.

Shanxi University is another popular Chinese medical university which gives world-class training to Indian and International students. This college was built up in the year 1989 and what makes this college one of a kind is that it is the center of scientific research and medicine at Shanxi Province. Shanxi University has two grounds situated at two better places in China so you can choose whichever is advantageous for you.

#7. Jining Medical University.

Jining Medical University was established in the year 1952 and was named Jining Medical Assistant school and the name was changed ordinarily however later on it was at lastly named as Jining Medical University. This college offers numerous medical courses for Indian and International understudies and has made its name in the rundown of Chinese Medical Universities. The charge is particularly reasonable, you have to pay 2.3 lakhs every year for your MBBS course.

#8. Henan University, School of Medicine.

Henan University is one of the most established medical universities in China which was established in the year 1912. This was first named Preparatory school for further study in Europe and America later it was renamed to Henan University, School of Medicine. They teach understudies with interesting and most recent teaching procedures and keeps them updated to the latest medical techniques. Their motive is to provide the best MBBS education to the Indian and International understudies. Henan University is based in Zhengzhou city of Henan territory.

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Expect that the above information has made a portion of your perplexity clear about which Chinese medical university you should decide for your studies. There are numerous medical universities in China and as this involves your career take your choice admirably, check all the scholarship programs, qualification criteria, expenses, and complete affirmation technique and afterward pick the college which accomplishes all your desires.

Good luck…

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