Study tips for NCERT Class 8 maths

study tips for class 8 math

Assignments, homework, group projects, test preparation, catching up on extra classes- there can be a lot more than this in class 8. On top of that, the aim is to score high in the exams. NCERT solutions for class 8 Maths are designed to simplify learning and provide you with structured lessons and assignments to accurately assess your performance.

Most importantly, to score high, students need to educate themselves on the question paper pattern and weightage of the topic. When students strategize their studies and prepare for exams well, they can easily crack the examination with ease and less stress.

Following are some tips that will help students strategize their preparations and perform well in exams.

10 Study Tips for NCERT Class 8 Maths

1 Rigorous practice:

There is only one step to achieve your dream score in class 8 Maths:

practice! Practice makes you perfect. So, to learn and scale up your score in Maths, you need to practice constantly. Believe it or not, practice is a critical part of your study routine that will assist you in understanding the subject.

2 Focus on vital topics:

Do you need to score high in Class 8 Maths?

Then you need to focus on the challenging chapters. Thoroughly understand all the concepts of these chapters. For example, try to complete the topics like Geometry, Algebraic Expressions, and Quadrilaterals first, then move further. Always try to complete the challenging things first and then go for the easier ones.

3 Solve sample papers:

Solving more and more sample papers helps students build a grip on the subject. It also enables students to know the challenges that may appear at the time of examination, such as time management, the requirement of quick calculations, etc. Also, it will assist in keeping track of the time spent and remaining. Practicing papers will also help in maintaining the accuracy of the questions attempted.

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4 Manage time correctly: 

Time management is helpful both before and at the time of the exam. From deciding the preparation time for each topic to the time required for a particular question, time management will smoothen the process. In addition, proper time management will help students finish the exam paper on time, thereby lowering last-minute anxiety and stress.

5 Learn formulae well: 

Make a list of all the essential concepts and formulae. It is always better to learn all the formulae first. Keep notes of those formulae and concepts handy for quick reference and revision. By listing, students can quickly revise and practice the concepts daily and even at the last moment.

6 Refer to sample papers:

Along with solving more papers, one additional tip is to refer to sample papers. By thoroughly referring to our solutions and sample papers, you can achieve more marks. This is because some of the questions asked in your examination tend to be similar to such question papers.

7 Write down the answers: 

Students often try to solve the answers not by writing but by thinking about it if the questions are simple. However, it will not give them accurate results, especially in Maths. Remember, while practicing, you must always write down the answers though you have them in your mind. It will help you know the exact time required to solve that question.

8 Clear all your doubts:

An essential tip- clear your doubts! To understand and adapt any concepts or formula, you need to remove all the doubts. Even if it is a minor doubt, ask and clear it well before the examination. It helps in studying well and scoring high in the exam.

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9 Don’t skip topics:

Many students have a habit of skipping the topics with low weightage. But, we suggest avoiding skipping any topics. Because fundamentals studied in Class 8 will be vital in future examinations.

10 Make the most of NCERT solutions for class 8 Maths:

NCERT solutions are recommended by CBSE itself. Because it presents each concept very thoroughly. Therefore, students get the fundamentals properly. It also provides insights into a topic and lets students know what to focus on to score well.


Class 8 Maths consists of fundamental concepts that are equally crucial in forming a solid base for further grades. So, along with scoring well in examinations, students should focus on wholeheartedly learning class 8 Mathematics.

At KOMPANIONS, we base our programs and learning modules on well-researched and structured pedagogical models. Efficiently appearing for examination requires students to give in maximum inputs from the beginning. The Kompanions NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 1 exercise 1.1 solutions offer complete and comprehensive guidance. From simpler topics to challenging ones, it gives you elaborate and accurate solutions. So, go through it extensively and score high marks in your examination.

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