Top 7 Applications of Internet of Things in Various Fields

Top 7 Applications of Internet of Things in Various Fields

Ever wondered where the technological modernization is heading to? How come each individual is getting independent on technology and communication in everyday life? Needless to say, Internet of things (IoT) is taking this world on next big revolution that can ever happen in field of science and technology. Each and every product is manufactured in a way that it not only helps bring ease to human task; also it can make those tasks efficient and time-saving.

From education to health, agriculture to supply chain, Internet of Things has literally given a huge uplift to this world. If you get a chance to go through some supply chain dissertation topics, the writings will provide you an analysis on how Internet of Things has contributed to supply-chain.

Smart or connected devices have been designed in such a way that each bit of data is captured and processed through cloud computing and sensors, in order to bring easy communication in all fields of life. Its main motto is to encompass everything in the world of technology and communication.

This article will list down top ten applications of IoT in different fields. So, For All those interested in knowing use cases of IoT, stay connected.

1.     Smart Cities IoT:

Are you tired of facing heavy traffic jams, pollution and energy shortages at your town? IoT has resolutions to all your problems. For instance a smart belly trash enabled cell phone will send notifications to municipal authorities that the roadside bin needs to be emptied. One of the supply chain dissertation topics have discussed on various contributions of IoT in making a city smarter and efficient.

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IoT, through the advanced and smart processes, has brought numerous applications for smart cities. The automated transportation, water distribution, smart surveillance, environmental monitoring, smart energy management is few of the useful applications of IoT. Not only these projects have promoted smarter way of working and living, they have also evolved as time-saving and efficient ideas to better future.

2.     Smart Homes IoT:

By the word “Smart”, the technology means that communication between different mediums is made through or advanced technology. Just like IoT has played a vital role in making the city modernized in number of ways, it has numerous application for homes as well.

Isn’t it fascinating if you could control your fans, lights or other appliances through your cell phone? In case you have forgotten to switch off the appliances before leaving home, you don’t have to worry about that because IoT has made it possible for you. Well, smart homes application of IoT is promoting one of the creative and innovative way of living


3.     IoT Wearables

From fitness to health, entertainment to work, IoT has shown progressive growth when it comes to wearables. In addition to being portable and small sized, IoT wearables like smart watches, smart trainers and bracelets, have become an excited innovation for most of the tech-inspired people.

How do these wearable actually work? Each wearable IoT device has a sensor and software installed in it that gathers information about the user. This data is then pre-processed and used to extract particular features about the user. For instance a smart Trainer will calculate the number of steps you have walked or the how many meters you have jogged each day. Once these facts have been collected, the wearables present health analysis and what measures that person has to take to maintain fitness and health. If you want to get some knowledge of how the famous companies plan the supply chain of these IoT wearable, you can look for some good supply chain dissertation topics for your reference.

4.     Industrial Internet

Industrial Internet also known as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the new buzz word in the field of technology. With the help of different software, sensors and analysis of big data, IoT offers manufacturing and running of some amazingly operated machines. It has been discussed in one the supply chain dissertation topic that the applications of IIoT vary from inventory management, automated delivery, supplier and retailer information exchange and tracking goods.

5.     IoT in Agriculture:

As the world’s population is increasing day by day, so are the food supply demands. It is high time that farmers should use modernized techniques to carry out farming in order to take farming one step up. Many of the supply chain dissertation topics that focus on technological advancements in agriculture and farming will provide in depth analysis of all the poultry and agriculture based technologies. Although these supply chain dissertation topics are easily available on internet, they can be helpful in carrying out latest agricultural techniques.


Smart farming allows farmers to get meaningful information about the soils moisture, fertilizer requirement, nutrients and water usage for growth of the plants. With the help of this information, farmers’ work has become productive and they can focus on the increase in food production.

6.     Smart Grids and Energy Management

In order to bring efficiency in electricity management, smart grids have been introduced by IoT, which takes care of the electricity behaviors and consumer’s data in an automated way. In this way, the organization will be able to detect the root cause of power outages in any particular area and also on individual household basis. This resourceful way of tracking electricity maintenance not only promotes reliability and efficiency but also help in economic growth of electricity.

7.     Healthcare Applications of IoT

Connected health care or smart medical devices not only offer extra-ordinary assistance to organizations but also to the overall well-being. It motivates people of living a healthy yet happy life just by wearing these connected devices.  These personalized wearables will perform analysis on individual’s safety and health and offers measures to take in case of emergency.

Thus, IoT, with its advanced applications helpful in our everyday life, have managed to revolutionize the field of technology. Although many of the advancements in IoT field are yet to come, it has already become a fascinating transformation for people in various fields.

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