augmented reality ar in gaming

augmented reality ar in gaming

Key Insights

US$ 4.7 Billion- The global augmented reality gaming market

Research and Markets predict that the global augmented reality gaming market may reach US$ 28.60 Billion by 2026, displaying a CAGR of 34.80% during 2021-2026.

Growth Drivers

  • AR can create seamless exciting, and immersive features, which make it incredibly thrilling for gamers.
  • Integration of AR technology in mobile devices and other wearables
  • A shift in consumer to Commercial bases like AR and VR Amusement Parks and studios
  • The increasing demand for AR in mobile gaming and the broader gaming segment will drive the market growth.
  • Many gaming corporations like NVIDIA and Sony are investing heavily in AR VR games to meet consumer’s demands. Even start-ups are entering the space with new ideas and concepts.
  • The growing accessibility to AR and VR gear is also contributing to the growth.


AR in Gaming

Augmented Reality Mobile Games are for keeps.

AR and Gaming

The trend was established with the launch of the Ingress geospatial AR game and Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go worldwide resulted in 800 million downloads in 2016. The ability to “interact “with characters left users fascinated and asking for more.

The markets further developed, and many more popular games like BrickScape, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Call of Duty: Mobile, Wildeverse.

Mobile Games today encompass immersive multiplayer worlds that players can join simultaneously.

In addition, many games have developed to the extent that they provide cross-platform support, giving gamers the same real-time experience as those on a console or PC.

With the entry of 5G and Cloud Gaming, the real-time processing of AR data will be faster and seamless, enhancing the overall experience for users.

Mobile gaming offers users the flexibility and eases to play from anywhere anytime, without lugging around heavy equipment.

Simultaneously, several AR games exist for the PC market, such as Dead Space, Batman: Arkham City, Iron Man, etc.

How is AR transforming the Gaming Space?

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”’ Arthur C Clarke’s third law.

 AR games have taken the gaming levels up and allowed users to experience magical and captivating experiences.

The gaming sector has been rising and innovating.

AR in gaming offers users real-time, real and virtual synchronized effects that allow for new and novel experiences.

In addition, the capacity to blend digital information and real-time into a single seamless output is captivating gamers’ interest.

At the same time, AR in gaming is actively boosting the imagination and creativity powers of users and developers for making and using engaging, meaningful, and creative content.

The concept can be used in education and training.

Experts opine that presenting core academicals in a fun, interactive way will enable students to grasp concepts and retain them more effectively.

This changes the perception towards games being relegated to only entertainment and increases its use in areas of life.

The Future Potential of AR in Gaming

The Gaming Sector is booming and will stay on the path.

AR technology allows the creation of new environments, and it is this flexibility to create one’s imagination that brings about a revolution in the gaming industry.

Game development constantly pushes the frontiers and creates new possibilities every day, sustaining the ever-growing and expanding gaming market.

This is a leading technological field that is constantly innovating and accessing the world around us.

The way forward for Gaming and Entertainment with EDIIIE

AR and VR are constantly producing innovative and ground-breaking solutions to the entertainment segment.

We at EDIIIE – ar, vr, mr company are continually innovating and striving to create entertaining simulated worlds that are an exhilarating escape and contribute to learning and skill enhancement.

In addition, we are ceaselessly diversifying entertainment through immersive technologies that are dynamic enough to keep audiences engaged.

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