Best Valentine’s day stickers app 2019

Valentine’s day stickers app 2019

Are you looking around for red matte Valentine’s day stickers app 2019 to seal the day on Valentines? Our solution – download stickers amigo sticko app Stickers and kick start Valentines week in style.

So on this very note, let’s begin.

The week of love is just around the corner. You must be thrilled and gearing up to plan the perfect week to make your partner feel special.

As for the one-sided lovers, this is finally the time of the year when you can express your love without freaking that special someone out. Although there can never be a particular time to speak your heart out in front of your crush or your best friend, Valentine Day 2019 which falls on 14th February 2019 can make it extra special.

Let your loved ones wake up to the sound of their phone flashing with Valentine’s Day stickers. Remind them of each special day of the week.

We are here to make your Valentine’s week special. Let’s explore one day at a time so you can make the most with your love.

List of Valentine’s week

Date Day
7th February 2019 Rose Day
8th February 2019 Propose Day
9th February 2019 Chocolate Day
10th February 2019 Teddy Day
11th February 2019 Promise Day
12th February 2019 Hug Day
13th February 2019 Kiss Day
14th February 2019 Valentine’s Day


Celebrate each day of Valentine’s with stickers amigo sticko app Stickers

  • Day 1: February 7, Rose Day

What better than a red rose be the perfect start to your Valentine’s week? With rose being the symbol of love and passion, order a huge bouquet of roses and sweep your lover off the ground. If you are tight on budget, just one rose is also enough to make your honey feel over the moon.

If you want to just drop a hint to someone you love, this day can be put to best use. Then, you can surprise your partner with a special gesture. Send Rose day stickers and go the extra mile to add some personal message as well.

  • Day 2: February 8, Propose Day

The name itself says it all. Propose day is the perfect day to speak your heart out and propose that special one. If you are already in a relationship, confessing your love in a unique way can rekindle your feelings.

If you are not much of a party planner, settle with basics like taking him/her out on a romantic candlelight dinner date. Trust us! Even that can be super romantic. You can make it even more special by arranging the restaurant to play your partner’s favorite song in the background.

  • Day 3: February 9, Chocolate Day

A little chocolate now and then won’t hurt! – Charles M. Schulz said it right. Chocolates add more to the love… And when love’s already in the air, it does all the magic.

Rather than gifting chocolates, send then chocolate day stickers in the morning and surprise them later on by baking a chocolate cake on your own. This sinful combination of love and chocolate will surely make way for better things.

  • Day 4: February 10, Teddy Day

Though it may sound classic clichéd, a teddy bear is the best thing to cuddle when you miss your love. The teddy on teddy day stands for affection, love and pampering. Teddies are the cutest gift that girls cannot get enough of. But if you guy is not that into teddy bears, you can always send teddy day stickers to commemorate the day instead.

  • Day 5: February 11, Promise Day

If you are lucky enough to have found the person who is “the one” for you, make sure you are making all the right promises and keeping them too. Make it unique by promising them through Promise day stickers, first thing upon waking up in the morning. Later, take them under the moonlight and speak your heart in person.

  • Day 6: February 12, Hug Day

Hugs are always effective. Be it a spontaneous, casual hug or a planned one, it still makes the other person feel warm and loved. Tuck all your warmth in that special hug and see his/her eyes dazzling.

  • Day 7: February 13, Kiss Day

A romantic day is incomplete without a hot passionate kiss. So, when its kiss day, leave no stones unturned to steal random kisses from your loved one. Send kiss day stickers all day long. And later at night, a light peck on the forehead will open windows for you.

Excited? Thrilled? Feeling the butterflies?

Go start making plans already! One Valentine’s Day sticker a day can be a giant step to a wild week ahead. Go nuts!






















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