Learn Our Prediction Tips on Euro Millions Winning Numbers


EuroMillions is the world’s first international lottery game. Prizes start at Euro 7 million and roll up to an extraordinary 190 million.

You can play the game online on Lottoland, the world leader in online lottery. The massive Euro Million jackpot is now up for grabs for lottery fans in Asia.

EuroMillions work on choosing seven random numbers accurately. Choose the first five from a set of 1-50 while the remaining two from 1-12. You need to have all seven digits correctly predicted to claim your prize.

Although this makes the chances of your winning low, you can change the game in your favour by following these methods.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict the winning numbers of EuroMillions?

Read on to find out how you can predict the chosen numbers.


Pick the Right Numbers

An excellent way to amplify your chances is to choose the right mix of odd and even numbers. Refrain from choosing a set of one or the other. Make your mix robust by picking 2 odd or three even or the other way round as that gives you a solid 68 percent chance at winning.

Ensure that the range of your numbers does not skew on one side- too high or too low. Follow the pattern of 2/3 with a mix of either side.

Another effective method to improve your shot is to omit a set or a range from your pickings. Track previous draws and analyse what number groups are eliminated in the draw. That will surely give you the extra feather in the cap of probability.

The sum of the first five numbers of EuroMillions falls in the range of 95-160 with a probability of seventy percent. Use this statistic to your advantage of bringing home the gold.

Trends show that the current winning combination has at least one number from the previous draw, making it a repeat hit or at least 43 percent of the time.

Pick rare numbers like your anniversaries, birthdays, lucky numbers or digits from your phone number, making it unique and challenging to guess.

Observe the previous games to understand what numbers have been drawn for the last five games. Pick the games that have been played after that and check the number of times the numbers have been chosen. Exclude these from your options and choose your combination.

Which Numbers To Avoid?

While predicting the winning digits is a tough nut to crack, knowing what to avoid will save you the hassle and time.

Avoid consecutive digits and numbers ending or beginning with the same digits.

Multiples, numbers that follow a pattern like a progression or a ratio are best not betted.

A study showed that 1-2-3-4-5 was the most chosen ticket number combination. This selection makes it a far-fetched win in the lottery pool.


While it is not a foolproof method to predict the numbers, these methods will surely put you on a pedestal of higher odds.

Devise a detailed plan and win big.

Learn Our Prediction Tips on Euro Millions Winning Numbers
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Learn Our Prediction Tips on Euro Millions Winning Numbers
EuroMillions is the world’s first international lottery game. Learn Our Prediction Tips on Euro Millions Winning Numbers.
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