Mangal Dosha Effect on Career Health and Marriage for Girl & Boy

mangal dosha effects on career health marriage

Do you want to know the effects of mangal dosha and how does it effect on your carrer, health and marriage life?

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Most of the people (Girl, Boy) believe that Manglik Dosha in your janam kundali, is extremely harmful, to the point of being lethal for the native. However, this isn’t the reality. Among the 12 Houses in a Horoscope, if Mars lies in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth House, then it’s said that Mangal Dosha is present in the Kundli.

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So, out of 12 Houses, there are 6 houses where the position of Mars is said to cause Manglik Dosha. Thus the proportion of Manglik and Non-Manglik individuals is 50:50 (if you do not count the second House then it ends up with 60:40)

Mars is a planet of audaciousness in nature. It makes one overwhelming, aggressive and rebellious.

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The planet Mars signifies ego, energy, self- esteem and respect. Since Mars is reflected as the war planet, Mangal dosha creates highly unfavorable circumstances in native’s career, health, and marriage. Many people experience disharmony in overall life.

The negative effects of a malefic Mars or Mangal dosha are:

Mangal Dosha Effect on Career (Manglik Girl & boy Career)

The unfavorable effects of Mars might obstruct the personal and professional life of an individual.

If planet Mars is situated in the 4th house then it will have adverse effects on one’s career. The person in this scenario will switch jobs and will not be successful professionally. Monetary losses will increase.  It can cause instability and feelings of professional insecurity might mount up.

In these circumstances, it is extremely hard to find a balance on the professional front. The native might not feel strong enough to work physically as well as mentally and give their 100 percent results into the jobs they do. Mangal dosha can play a vital role in causing instabilities and adversities in the life of a Manglik.    

Mangal Dosha Effect on Health

Mangal Dosha is believed to bring bad health in the life of the native.  If a Manglik individual gets married with a Non-Manglik without measuring the repercussions of the same and without following any remedy, then it can bring harm to the health of the spouse in the relationship.

Furthermore, the ominous combinations can also bring death to the house. It is believed that if only one person in a relationship has Manglik dosha,  then one of the spouses may have a risk to their life. If Mars is in the 7th house then it makes a person highly irritable and ill-tempered.


Their high energy may result in aggressive behaviors which can cause a lot of trouble to their health.

He/she might be reckless and can find difficulty in handling the complex situations. The native might also suffer from mental problems. However, there are several remedies that an individual having Mangal Dosha can follow, to please Mars and minimize the harmful impacts of Mars on their health and overall life.

Mangal Dosha Effect on Marriage

Mars is viewed as a highly negative planet as far as marriage is concerned as it signifies war and fire.

It is characteristic of energy, respect, ego, and self-esteem, and the individuals who have Mangal Dosha are viewed as quarrelsome and short-tempered and probably this is why it is said that Mangliks tend to have issues adjusting with their accomplices after marriage.

Since Mars is related to energy and boldness, it tends to make one stubborn and unyielding and these are the points which can go against a relationship.

It would lead to gaps and create distance between the couple because of the partner’s anger issues and uncompromising nature leading to divorce. The extreme effect of this dosha could be the sudden death of one’s life partner. It is advised that a Manglik should marry another Manglik person to nullify its effects.

In conventional Hindu marriage, a lot of importance is given to kundali matching and mangal dosha is checked with a specific end goal to decide the level of compatibility between a couple. Having a mangal dosha in one’s Janam kundli is considered as one of the components causing a delay in marriage as it requires a suitable Manglik match.  

Manglik dosha can bring misfortune and instability in a person’s life. People are highly cautious in getting married to a Manglik.

The astrologers have created different remedies to rescue Manglik people from the trap of a malefic Mars and its misfortunes. There are many different practices and remedies for the different problems and people follow them with the belief that it will eventually nullify the adverse effects of Mangal.

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