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Imagine you are viewing a video on YouTube or any reputed platform and suddenly, the video crashes or buffering starts. This may be a lack in your internet speed or website content or plugins. The hassles or interruption caused at that very time is seriously disappointing. This is where a need for video downloader comes and one has a dire need to see the same video with no interruptions. Many of the websites and online video downloader tools help users to enjoy the content at their very best where they just have to copy the URL and they are good to go.


There are some online URL video downloader tools, which are really simple to use. Users just enter the video URL, and the same fetch all stuff related to the video and allow them to make download in any format they wish. Users can then easily save the videos in their hard drives or desktop computers.

You may not be legally allowed to steal someone copyrights by copying someone else’s content, and for this, they may take necessary actions against you. You need to be careful about the same too and it is better if you talk to the platform owners or email them beforehand. After you have permissions, you may look from some good video downloader programs widely available. Let us have a look at a few of them.


Online Video Downloader by Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools have built an amazing tool for its users to download videos through online platforms. The video downloader tool (https://smallseotools.com/online-video-downloader/) allows users to enter video URL from any platform and if the video is not private, the tool will fetch the video and allow them to download the video on their PC with extreme ease and comfort. If any of the videos are private and can’t be fetched, the tool will eventually notify the users and they won’t be able to make any downloads. Users prefer this URL tool to download video programs.


Movavi Screen Recorder

As the name suggests, it is mainly a recorder but also allows users to download onscreen videos. The same video downloader captures videos from their screens and grabs sounds from many sources. It saves recordings with no quality losses. One can export videos to any format they wish. Supported formats include MP4, 3GP, and many others. Moreover, MP3 is also available if any of the users want to convert their videos in audio formats. When they give video URL, the tool scans the link and then gives them an option to convert the same video to MP3 audio as per their request.


The tool is the best video downloader tool and works perfectly with the browser. It is a no-frill piece of the program. You just need to insert a link to your media in the toolbar at the top of the page. You then have to click on the arrow to move ahead. Now, you can download the media file directly on your computer. You can download videos in many formats using the same tool and it works best with almost all browsers. You can download high-quality videos and one of the cons of the same is that it has lots of advertisements.


The most amazing video downloader tool, i.e. CatchVideo comprises a toolbar where a user can enter any video URL to get it downloaded. After clicking the Catch button, the user gets the desired video in his desired formats. It also has an extension for the browser to grab videos with no hassles quickly. Famous platforms i.e. YT, FB, Daily motion etch, can be easily grabbed by the same with no interruptions.

Last but not least; numerous video downloader programs do exist but major and the most famous ones are listed above. It depends on the requirements you have and the format you need and also the software license is also dependent for the same i.e. it is free or paid. Usually, users prefer to enjoy free software programs for the same purpose and that is why what we have listed above are all free to use.

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