A to Z about Intractable Pain and It’s Treatment

Have you ever heard of the term intractable pain? Many people think of the word intractable as something very complicated and related to medicine. However, the complex medical word has a rather simpler definition.

Let’s talk about intractable pain and its impact on human health over time. What’s more important is to understand whether the intractable pain can be cured or not. Marietta pain clinic doctors have mentioned dealing with mild cases to extremely severe ones with a variety of treatment options.

Categories of Pain

To understand more about pain, it is important to understand the types of pain and their impact on the body. The best Marietta pain clinic has discussed three major types of pain that can occur to a human body due to various symptoms.

Acute Pain

Chronic Pain

Intractable Pain


  • Acute Pain


The sharp sudden sensation that you feel right after you cut yourself or by breaking a bone. This pain comes suddenly but fortunately, goes away after a relatively short period of time. Medical treatment is required immediately to prevent acute pain reaching the symptoms of chronic pain.


  • Chronic Pain


Chronic pain is generally recognized as pain that lasts in the human body for more than three months. This kind of pain, if not treated at the right time has no intention of leaving the body any time soon.

Chronic pain like arthritis requires physical therapy, visit the doctors, pain killers and some of them might require surgery.

This means that chronic pain is a threat to a healthy lifestyle. To help your body in dealing with chronic pains, maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be your utmost priority.


  • Intractable Pain


Intractable pain is usually considered as the worst form of pain that is mainly recognized to be not treated easily. People who suffer from intractable pain understand that the consequences can be fatal if not treated at the right time.

What is intractable pain?

Intractable pain is a condition of pain that cannot be managed by conventional medical care. Intractable pain is almost impossible to work with or handle. The therapy relies on reducing the pain as this sort of pain is not curable.

The condition is often referred to as intractable pain disease or IP. It is appropriate and serious to be bedridden or hospitalized to cure you because you have intractable pain.

Causes of Intractable Pain

There are multiple reasons for developing intractable pain. You can feel this kind of a pain in your muscles, bones and even the brain. Some of the main conditions that can trigger intractable pain are:

  • Migraine and headache
  • Cancer
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (which is more common in females)
  • Degenerative discs
  • Central Pain Syndrome

Intractable suffering has no apparent source that allows detection and recovery much tougher. In certain cases, what induces constant suffering can be quite manageable for the other one.

Yet don’t think your brain is causing you all the stress. Intractable pain is one of the medical conditions that need not be hidden but treated on time. Uncompromising discomfort and this one should be studied, is known as a true health issue.

Diagnosis of Intractable Pain

It can be difficult to diagnose the source of your intractable pain. For example, you can experience migraine or strain-type headaches when you suffer persistent headaches every day.

Nevertheless, the signs of intractable discomfort triggered by migraines are close to those of other kinds of headaches. This makes it challenging to detect and similarly troublesome to handle. You may end up seeking inadequate care for a disease which is the source of your discomfort.

Medications during Treatment

Some of the most common types of medicines that are mostly prescribed by doctors are:

  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Mild Opioids
  • Anti-seizure Medications
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Complications Caused Due To Chronic Pain

Intractable pain may affect hormones, such as cortisol, unlike chronic arthritis-related pain, because intractable pain also raises stress and inflammation levels in your body. This can exacerbate complications including hypertension and fast heart levels. Uncompromising discomfort of an intractable pain can also contribute to sexual dysfunction.


Sleep is also influenced by this unwieldy discomfort, which makes you feel drained. Failure to sleep and constant discomfort may often render focusing and making decisions challenging. Intractable discomfort can also impair your physical output, along with messing in your emotions.

Treatment for Intractable Pain

Since the standard medical treatment does not really help with intractable pain, doctors need to try more assertive methods. Several states have laws defining intractable pain and where it is permissible for physicians to prescribe opioids or medical marijuana for pain relief.

These treatments must be carefully supervised by your doctor. There is also some hope for innovative new treatments for people with intractable pain. Neuro-stimulation, for example, uses electricity to change the way your brain feels pain.

Some of the most popular ways of treating intractable pain are:

  • Opioids
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Surgery
  • Nerve Blocks
  • Physical Therapy

Intractable Pain Patients

Intractable pain patients with the most challenging, complex, and maddening conditions a physician will ever have to face. Intractable pain patients rarely get completely well; with effective care, they can be sufficiently stabilized to have some quality of life.

Patients with intractable pain have, by nature, an inescapable condition. Continuous prescriptions of various narcotics pain medications will be required.

This can create problems for pain specialists and other professionals. In some countries, there are various laws that have been put in place regarding how to treat a patient with intractable pain.

This will create problems with oleo phobic pharmacists, other professionals, and in some states without the Intractable Pain Acts, and possibly even with the review and regulatory harassment of medical boards or pharmacies.


Many people suffer from intractable pain that lives with them throughout their life. Even though this is an incurable condition, certain measures can be taken to cause your body relief and to make sure that you are in your best possible health. Luckily, modern technology has introduced various treatment methods for such patients.

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