Baby Laundry Detergent: A Gentler And Safer Wash

Baby Laundry Detergent 2019update

If you are a new parent, then you are humbly welcome in the world of extravagant laundry for babies! And with laundry there comes the concern for a suitable detergent which is safer and gentler for your babies and equally effective. You might ask other parents, but it gets confusing as most likely they all might answer differently. So, this guide is going to describe the facts that you need to focus while selecting a baby laundry detergent.

Gentle on skin:

Would you like your baby looking like engaged in a naked paintball fight- resulting splotches on your baby skin; everywhere? You would be surprised to know that baby skins are extremely sensitive against allergies, eczema and so. It is mainly due to the fact that you probably use a detergent which is not gentle on your baby skin. You should look for detergents that are gentle on your baby skin. Generally, natural detergents are gentle and mild.

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Check Websites:

When you are shopping and try to find a perfect laundry detergent for your baby, you probably look at the labels to find out its ingredients. You might come across these labels –

  • Tested by dermatologist
  • Certified by Pediatrician
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Made with plant-based chemicals
  • Gentle for your baby skin
  • Hundred percent natural

It might sound perfect to choose one of them. And you end up picking them in your shopping cart eventually. But to your surprise, most of these detergents contain ingredients those are associated with respiratory and skin irritation.


But the irony is that that the spokesman of the detergent company, keep pushing and claiming that their detergent rinses perfectly leaving no residue on our babies clothes.

Then, what should you do to check if there are any harmful ingredients or not in your baby laundry detergent? I would suggest you log on this website to find out the ingredients of your baby detergent. Simply write the name of the detergent in the search bar and the search engine will do the rest.


Safe for cloth diapers:

As we all know the purpose of the cloth diaper is to absorb everything and anything that your baby’s undercarriage throws at it. Unfortunately, in spite of their continuous claiming, most detergent builds up residuals on the diapers. Thus, it turns the cloth diaper as effective as a tinfoil!

I would suggest you avoid oil-based detergents to prevent this type of problems.


Removing strains:

Now that is going to be interesting. Of course, you want a detergent to remove strains; after all, that is its’ job. But as I have tested a number of detergents, I was surprised to see the result myself.

Come on, detergents, you have only one job to accomplish. Do it sincerely.  So, I would strongly recommend you to stick to a product that really removes strains effectively; in work not in texts.


Our nature is the greatest scientist. She has everything to offer for our including laundry ingredients. So, go for a baby detergent that uses natural ingredients and fewer chemicals.

Our babies are tender like a Rose. Their cloth deserves to be treated like roses. And such, baby laundry detergents – safe and gentler are the only option.

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