How to make Butter Oil – Butter Oil Suppliers in India

Butter Oil Suppliers in India

Butter oil is also known as Ghee in simple words. It is one of the most useful ingredients in Indian homes. Most of the people in India use Butter oil in some or the other form. Ghee originated in India. Due to its various benefits, Ghee was also added to the dishes of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. 

Apart from kitchen use, butter oil also has much significance in Indian rituals. It is a sacred ingredient in fire rituals (homa) and Vedic Yajna. The practice of fire rituals goes back to 5000 BC in India. Even today, the people do fire rituals with butter oil during auspicious occasions like marriage and house-warming. 

How to prepare Butter oil or Ghee? 

Butter oil is made from milk solids, milk fats, and water. Clarified butter loses proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins. The process of making Butter oil begins with simmering of butter. Heating milk solids at a high temperature add more flavors in the butter oil. It is beneficial to use thermometer during the process of making butter oil. 

It is very simple to make butter oil within few minutes with correct steps. The process to prepare Butter oil is as under:

  1. Heat and melt the butter 

The first step is to take a pan that has a deep bottom. You can take an aluminum pan or stainless steel pan and place it on the induction or stove. Then you have to put butter pieces in the pan. It is better to cut butter into small pieces so that they can heat effectively. 

Further, you have to switch on the gas button and keep the temperature at medium range. If you feel medium heat is melting butter fast, you can slow the heat. 

  1. Separate milk solids  

The bubbles will be visible after the butter melts completely. These bubbles are nothing but the milk proteins that come up on melting the butter. They separate from water and milk fats. Further, you have to take a spoon and remove these bubbles from the upper surface. It is quite a time-consuming process but you have to do it to get clarified butter. 

  1. Leave extra milk solids on the bottom 

Some milk solids also remain at the bottom of the pan after removing bubbles from the surface. You can use these milk solids again by heating. They will gain the flavor of butterscotch by heating them the second time. 

  1. Make solid brown in the color 

The butter will still simmer on low flame and you have to check it often. You can see the solids at the bottom of the pan turning into golden brown color. They also release an aroma like that of a toffee. When you smell this aroma, you have to turn off the gas or induction and place the pan on the kitchen table. 

  1. Strain butter oil 

Now, you have to let ghee cool for 5 minutes. Then you have to take a clean strainer and place it on the glass bottle. The next step is to strain the butter oil through a sieve. The brown solids will accumulate in the strainer. 

The butter oil is ready to use in the cuisines. 

What are the uses of butter oil? 

Butter oil or ghee is very nutritious for health and brain. It can give stamina in the body. There are many Butter Oil Uses in the kitchen such as:

  1. Rich source of vitamins 

Butter oil or ghee is loaded with many vitamins such as vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E. These vitamins nourish your hair as well as skin. It also improves eye vision and makes it more powerful. Apart from that, the butter oil boosts energy in the body. 

  1. Cures constipation 

Constipation is seen in many youngsters these days. It is because of bad food habits and consumption of fast foods. Consuming ghee every day can give you relief from constipation and gas. It also cures several other digestive disorders such as indigestion, stomach pain, and acidity. 

  1. Younger looking skin 

Butter oil is the most effective food for the skin. It gives moisture to the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long time. Apart from that, it reduces aging signs and maintains natural oils within the skin. Ghee also prevents breakouts and skin flakiness. 

  1. Weight loss 

Do you want a beautiful and curvy figure? Then you must start taking butter oil daily. It reduces fats in the body and decreases obesity. You may get a slim body within some weeks after consuming butter oil. 

  1. Prevents heart attack 

The studies show that people who consume butter oil daily do not get cardiac arrest. Ghee strengthens arteries and boosts blood circulation. It also prevents heart attack and brain stroke. 

  1. Cures joint diseases 

Arthritis and joint problems can reduce to a large extent with the consumption of butter oil. Ghee is beneficial for old people who suffer from Arthritis and joint pain. 

Best Butter oil dealers in India 

Many Butter oil dealers in India sell the best quality butter oil at reasonable prices. You can get the contact details and other information of Butter oil suppliers in India on the search engines. 

The social media platform is another source to get the details of butter oil suppliers in India. 

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