How to Find the Best AC Installation Service in Gurgaon?

AC Installation Service in Gurgaon

Buying an air conditioner seems to be the easy part at times especially when you find that the AC installation service in Gurgaon is not up to your standards. A proper AC installation Gurgaon will ensure that your air conditioner not only provides proper cooling and heating but also will be a lesser drain on your running costs and will require less maintenance. 

Find the Best AC installation Service Provider

We at Lifeasy can take care of your AC installation service in Gurgaon with professional and qualified technicians to provide you complete peace of mind and optimum use of the product that you have bought. We provide you windows AC installation with or without skirting materials as well as split AC installation with the stand and with 10 feet of piping material for free. 

We take up any of the normal inspection and maintenance services that your installation of air conditioner whether windows or of the split AC variety may require at a minimal cost including any AC wet or dry services, minor leakage issues with parts repair or replacement.


We also provide complete refrigerant or coolant gas charging for both windows and split ACs of various tonnage for home or office use. Along with all this we take up PCB repair and service, replacement of any AC spare parts like any fused capacitors, AC motors both indoors as well as outdoors for the split and the DC motor for the window AC, the contractor unit, air conditioner cooling copper coils, charging and servicing the compressor or filling up the gas in it.

We can also be helpful in providing you with your AC removal services if you are looking to shift your home. We also take up any half done services from any other service provider and set the installation correct where we charge only for the service and if any extra components are used.

Also if your AC only require parts installation like replacing a drain pipe or copper pipe or some sort of electrical wire or AC stabilisers installation. In all these cases only the used components are charged for along with the service.

Our annual maintenance charges or AMC has been made keeping in mind that all of your servicing, replacement, installation and removal and maintenance services do not make a huge dent in your budget.

All of our services are conducted in a very transparent manner with proper billing for each and every part or component used. We also ensure that we perform the servicing or installation requirements as per your schedule which none of the companies will agree to when you buy a new air conditioner.

Our online portal also regularly allows you rebates of varying degrees or free services which will further help with your budget. Our AC installation service in Gurgaon and also at other places are performed by handpicked, qualified and trained professionals with proper degrees and certifications to ensure proper installation and repair services and your complete peace of mind.

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