Microwave Repair Service Center in Ghaziabad, Delhi

Microwave Repair service center in Ghaziabad, delhi ncr

You have invited your friends to your home for dinner and early morning you discover that your microwave is not heating properly, what will be your reaction. Obviously upset and frustrated and at the same time look for repairing shop numbers or call some local technician for help who can fix your microwave at the earliest. It is normal for any home appliance to go broke anytime. And if this happens on a day when you have guests in your house or something you may have planned that requires microwave then you get mad. These days’ microwaves are the lifeline of kitchens so running a kitchen without one could really be a daunting task. There could be many reasons behind microwave faults.


Whether looking for microwave repair in Ghaziabad or microwave repair in Delhi, always look for qualified hands to help you fix your problems.

Main causes and solutions of microwave not heating:

  1. Fuse Blown Out

Check for the fuse in your microwave. It could be the main reason of your microwave not heating if blown out. Basically fuse controls the flow of electrical current to the appliance. If this is blown then microwave oven won’t function or heat. You will need to replace your fuse to bring your microwave back to normal or make it workable.

  1. Fault Door Switch

Even door switches could be reason behind your microwave not heating, if they are faulty. If switches are faulty then your microwave will also not get power supply. Test the switch using multimetre. If it is damaged then replace it.

  1. Avoid Slamming the Oven Door

Avoid slamming the oven door. This can damage the switch and further lead to no power supply to oven resulting in no heating. Check fuse and switch whichever get affected due to slamming of door and get them replaced. You can check these using multimeters.


  1. GFCI outlet

If the GFCI outlet has tripped then you will not get power supply resulting in no heating of your microwave oven. Do check the breaker that controls the outlet and make sure it is not damaged.

For all the above problems you can always call a repairing technician for help. But knowing the frauds everywhere, it is advisable that you look for authentic places like Lifeasy that can assist you in hiring skilled professionals with years of experience to help you in fixing your microwave and other appliances. Lifeasy is one of the leading On-Demand Home Services providers with an army of qualified professionals and technicians in Delhi NCR at your service. The professionals who offer services at your door-steps at reasonable rates compared to others in the market. You can rely on Lifeasy for spare parts too without much apprehension. The spare parts offered by them are genuine and durable. You can rest assured with Lifeasy by your side.

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