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YouTube Making Strikes System Clear YouTube Policy

YouTube will no More give a Attack to first-time offenders

YouTube is altering its”attack” policy in an effort to make it simpler to understand.

With the modifications, first-time offenders who violate YouTube’s policies will receive a warning rather than a”strike,” which carries more serious consequences. The new policy will take effect next week, starting Feb. 25.

YouTube’s strike process is the main way that the service polices content on its platform. Creators get strikes when they violate the business’s policies, such as those prohibiting harassment and hate speech, for example.

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“We want to give you even more opportunities to learn about YouTube policies, so beginning February 25, all stations will receive a one-time warning the first time they post content that crosses the line, with no penalties to their station except for the elimination of the content,” the company wrote in a you tube blog post.

Creators will only get 1 warning, the company cautioned — subsequent policy violations will lead to strikes.

YouTube is also making punishments for strikes more consistent. One strike will get you a one-week”freeze” on the ability to livestream, upload new videos, and”other channel activity.” A second attack in 90 days goes the freeze to two weeks, while a third attack within 90 days will get your channel deleted for good.

Previously, not all strikes had exactly the same penalty on your channel. We heard from a lot of you that this was confusing and the penalty did not match the source of the strike,” the company wrote. “Now, based on your feedback, all Community Guidelines strikes will have the exact same penalty.”

The company also said it’s improving the notifications it sends when it issues warnings and attacks to make it clear why it is choosing to act on a specific piece of content. This has long been a source of frustration for some YouTubers, who don’t always understand the reasoning behind YouTube’s decisions.

Despite past controversy about its policies, YouTube says its principles are effective. Only 2 percent of the site’s users break its rules, the company said, and 94 percent of people that are struck with a first strike don’t get a second one.

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