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Auto Accident Lawyer Minneapolis

A variety of causes of auto accident has been listed so far so sometimes it may or may not be the fault of the driver. However in some cases it is the negligence of the driver that is responsible to the harm caused for many. The law permits you to get the full compensation for the damages caused to you in the auto accident. Damage may be any – to your property, wages, medical bills, loss of relationship or anything else. You deserve the compensation in any of the damage you suffered in the accident.

If the accident took place due to some defect in the automobile from the manufacturer end it has to be corrected or replaced as a form of compensation. However the compensation law has many provisions attached like the “no fault” insurance and “economic recovery” that is best understood by your Auto Accident Lawyer Minneapolis or any other state as the provisions differ state wise. Different states have their own set of limitations related to insurance or compensation.

When into such a situation many things may pop-up your mind such as few listed below:

What to Do After an Auto Accident in Minneapolis?


Your first step would be to “Call the Police” irrespective of the severity of the accident or the injury caused. Police will take the record of the entire scenario and with that you will hold official evidence to everything that happened which will later help you in the recovery claim. Keep a copy of official report by police that covers all the important details of the accident and also the officer’s opinion on the same.

How to Claim Auto Accident Compensation in Minneapolis?

Before you go for the claim you should first arrange for a medical examination in your area with the help of your lawyer or they will arrange it for you as SiebenCarey do. It will include your estimated recovery time and the severity to your injuries. Rest of the evidence collection such as the pictures, witness statements, etc would be done with the help of your lawyer which will help you get the partial compensation initially.

What Evidence Do You Need?

For the evidence you need to create a documentation of the following evidences:

  • Pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Pictures of the Injuries that you got from the crash.
  • Your medical prescription slips along with the receipts. This has to be in signed and stamped conditions with dates on it.
  • Keep receipts of any additional costs that you have paid in advance for be it an event that you had to attend at that time when the accident happened.
  • Proof from your employer stating your wages lost during the recovery period or any other part of your income that you would have lost.

How Much Compensation to Claim For Auto Accident in Minneapolis?

There is no specific amount that you can claim for. It may vary with the types of other accident claims. It depends upon the case; you need to talk to your lawyer to know about your amount. After speaking to your lawyer about your case then move further to raise the claim under his guidance.

What Is The Average Compensation For Auto Accident in Minneapolis?

A claim is decided as per the damage and the extent of damage caused during an auto accident. Standard compensation amount decided by Judicial Studies Board (JSB) is around £1,000 for mild whiplash to just under £100,000 for severe neck injuries.

You can check in the table below for the type of injuries and the body part involved in the injury, amount is based on the injuries and their severity. This has a amount minimum and amount maximum that would help you get an idea to which category does your case falling in.

What Is The Average Compensation For Auto Accident

How to Choose the Best Auto Accident Lawyer Minneapolis?

Why should you suffer for somebody else’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering. You should claim for compensation and you definitely need an Auto Accident Lawyer to represent you. As you have a lawyer by your side there are very low chances of case dismissal by the car insurance authorities and convincing you for a grim settlement will prove to be more daunting for them. Most of the insurance companies tempt accident victims for a quick settlement rather than taking the case to the court.

Hiring an attorney is important as they are experienced of how to represent a case and what factors to include in the presentation to get you the highest compensation possible.

Know Your RightsAuto Accident Lawyer Minneapolis offers a free consultation to the auto accident victim in the form of free legal advice on their accident case or compensation claim queries. Reach out to us (NO FEES) at 1-800-4-RIGHTS and we will review your case. 

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