Leading Causes of Accidents in Atlanta – What To Do afteran Accident

From the past few years, Atlanta has gained its place as one of the most prominent state capitals in the U.S. With the economy thriving and the city becoming an industrial and tourist hub for people across the globe, the population of Atlanta has seen a remarkable and an undeniable change.

Regardless of the scorching hot weather profile, the city is always busy and hence, a lot of people can be seen on the road. When you think of roads, you think of busy people, drivers and oh well – accidents.

Even though no one wants to think about the dreaded accidents, it is important to understand that with the increase in traffic and population, Atlanta has seen an increased number of car accidents from the past few years.

Conyers car accident doctors have reported having dealt with a considerably large sum of accident cases than the past few years.

Atlanta Car Accidents Statistics

To understand more about how accidents are caused, it is important to understand and recognize the annual statistics of car accidents.

In the past 4 years, Atlanta has witnessed around 400,000 car accidents from which 606k people have been injured and dealt with by emergency doctors. From these accidents alone, more than 6000 people have died in a car accident.

These figures are growing every day and with the increase in population, they will continue to develop and increase.

Reason of Car Accidents in Atlanta

Some of the most common reasons why people suffer from car accidents in Atlanta are:

1) Distracted Driving

Driving distracted is the number one source of injuries, and that is increasing. State lawmakers also enacted laws banning the operating and usage of a cell phone. However, where they are violated, such rules are not successful. Drivers reading and answering emails, chatting on a hand-held cell, eating or simply looking in the mirror have been a part of such accidents. 

An increasing number of distracted driving was found to be quite astonishing considering the fact that there are many rules and guidelines provided to the license holding drivers. 

It is projected that 660,000 drivers use a mobile phone or control wireless technologies in daytime hours while being in front of the wheel.

2) Over Speeding – Self-welcomed Fatality

Many people even the experienced drivers consider themselves too good for the road and believe that they have all the right to violate the traffic laws by exceeding the speed limits. The drivers recklessly change lanes and drastically increase the speed of the vehicle which most of the time gets out of their hands.

It is a common fact that the more speed your vehicle is in, the longer it takes to stop it. Over speeding is the second most reported case to Conyer’s car accident doctors. The public has all the rights to report a driver who is over speeding to the police as it is a threat to other people on the road. Also, don’t forget to stop your own vehicle before contacting the police.

3) Drunk Driving

In a city that offers so much tourism and fun, it is common to have booze with your best buddies and head out. Well, some people forget the fact that they are not supposed to drive while being intoxicated. Drunk driving in the past and even now has caused deadly accidents that have led to permanent injuries, chronic health conditions, and even fatalities.

Many drunk drivers have been caught to be driving the wrong way, cutting the other traffic across the lanes, over speeding and even keeping no distance from other cars.

It is important to understand that alcohol-related accidents occur more during the evening and nights and can be twice as deadly.

4) Teenage Driving

The stats don’t lie and also, the young and inexperienced teenagers can be extremely dangerous to their fellows on the road. The lack of experience and the thrill to enjoy their ride affects negatively on their capability to make the right decision.

Many young drivers have been found to have all the three above mentioned cases when they met a car accident. This means that young drivers are three times more dangerous than your average irresponsible adult.

If you have young children at home, it is important to keep a check on their driving techniques as well as the common habits that can lead to bad driving. Talk to your child about its effect and how it can be harmful to them and the innocent people around them.

5) Weather Conditions

In case of bad weather, it is important to maintain a sound speed of the vehicle. Many people tend to lose control over their vehicles as they don’t realize the damage that is caused by wet and slippery roads or driving without proper air-conditioning in the extremely hot weather of Atlanta.

What to do if you meet an accident?

In this unwanted scenario, thankfully, Atlanta is developed enough to provide high-end medical facilities. If you meet a major accident, the emergency health services will take care of you and take you to your registered hospital.

In case of minor accidents, it is important that you seek services of a good medical specialist because sometimes there are injuries that cannot be seen and if left untreated, these injuries can lead to chronic health problems for a lifetime.

Many people suffer from common accident injuries like:

  • Whiplash
  • Brain damage
  • Muscle Damage
  • Herniated Discs
  • Internal bleeding

Therefore, it is extremely important to seek medical help as soon as you realize there is something wrong with your system.


For people in Atlanta, it is a good thing that the economy of the city is thriving and blooming. This, however, has led to many other problems like car accidents becoming more and more common. People suffer from accidents on a regular basis due to various reasons and because of that, doctors and the legal authorities of the city have seen a significant increase in car accident cases across the city.

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