A Men’s Guide to Buying Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

A Men's Guide to Buying Valentine's Day Gift for Her

Gift-giving is a tradition that has existed since time immemorial. A present is the most tangible form of love. Choosing one that expresses appreciation towards the receiver can make them feel instantly happy. If you don’t know the recipient on a deeper level, finding a gift that matches her taste can become a cumbersome process. Naturally, being men, to fathom what your ladylove is drawn to can be a difficult process.

If you have no clue what will make her say, ‘that’s exactly I wanted on this Valentine’, we got good news for you.

Another great thing about this guide is that women too will find it helpful in coming up with non-cheesy valentine’s day gift ideas for men.

The current phase of your relationship will set the grounds for picking a present that strengthens your bond with her.

Our detailed valentine’s day gift for her guide is here to usher you in the right direction.

Let’s get started!

New Couple

If you have just met her, you are certainly threading with caution. During the ‘knowing each-other’ period, you are yet to decide whether the person will be a part of your future life or not. Therefore, you need to steer clear of rings and highly expensive jewelry that might signal a lasting bond. However, you should still shower her with your love if you want to nurture a healthy relationship.

A meaningful gift that serves as a memento of the day you first meet her or gifting her something that only you know she loves is a surefire recipe for winning her heart.

She is inclined to throw you hints if she expects a present from you. So, keep your ears open.

Below are some gift ideas for you –

  1. SkillShare Subscription – First things first. When you have fallen for a woman whose intellect is her biggest asset, nothing will please her more than filling her knowledge reserves. No matter where her interest lies, a skillshare subscription will definitely come in handy as she can tap into plenty of different domains as per her expertise and field of interest.
  2. Scarf – Forming a stylish accessory to spruce up her attire on the go, a plush floral scarf featuring enticing prints will be received with enthusiasm. Her age or body shape doesn’t bound you to pick a specific variation, unlike other pieces of clothing!
  3. A Dairy +Pen – With computers and mobile devices being ubiquitous, we have become used to note-taking apps and time-management tools like Trello. These still can’t complete the traditional pen and paper. Noting down important details provides our minds more time to process information. Writing by hand also allows us to retain information for a much longer time.

If she loves journalizing, she will be immensely grateful to you for choosing such a thoughtful gift. Jotting down thoughts help to unwind our brains and provides instant peace of mind as it is proven to declutter our headspace.

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First Valentine

Once you have completed an entire year together, you become well-acquainted with your partner’s quirks and preferences. You have made some necessary changes in your life to accommodate her well, and she has surely done the same for you. Being together for a year when you are still going strong and looking forward to another one is certainly a milestone.

Your gift can go above $100 in this case. Something funny and creative that reminds her of the journey you went through to become the couple you are will serve the best. Below are your options –

  1. Electronic Photo Frame – A digital photo frame putting the highs and lows of your relationship on display will bring both tears and a smile to her face. Unlike the wooden ones that can’t stand the test of time, they will preserve your memories for years to come.
  2. Bluetooth Headset – If she doesn’t own one, believe us, she will be relieved to get one this valentine. With WFH becoming the new normal, distractions are becoming the biggest enemy. A wireless headphone instantly solves the problem as she can tune to her favourite playlist and work in peace. On top of it, a high-quality headset from Sony or Bose will ensure her audio calls are hassle-free while she flexes her muscles taking a walk around her room.
  3. Kindle Whitepaper – One of the best e-readers she will ever receive, Kindle whitepaper is a lighter version of the original Kindle. With its waterproof and glare-free display, it proves a handy asset for any bibliophile. She wouldn’t have to carry a bulky book everywhere. Using this device, she can access her favourite books anytime, but of course, she will need a kindle subscription.

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The best part, its minimalistic panel and easy-to-use interface come with plenty of different options to facilitate a better reading experience.

To-Be Partner

Declared your love for her already? Now that she has said ‘yes’ to your proposal, it doesn’t mean you stop showering her with your love. She is an inseparable part of your life, and that’s what your gift should express.

Below are some options for your fiancé –

  1. Blanket/ Duvet Set – Depending on whether she likes to have a weighty comforter or a light one while she takes her rejuvenating slumber, gift her a blanket/ duvet set. Another great option for women who want to feel extra cosy in bed is a thermal blanket. The dry cold winds will vanish away once she draws this heat pad-fitted bedding piece over her body.
  2. Aroma Diffuser – This elegant-looking device will fill her room with a soothing fragrance of aroma oil. Just a few drops of aroma oil, and she is all set to enter a deep mediative state. Its relaxing whiff spreading through the air in the form of tiny molecules will instantly ease her mind, allowing her to unwind after a hectic workday.
  3. A Plant – Is she is a proud plant parent? Caring for plants is nothing new. An indoor plant will liven up her room instantly. Before you buy a pot, consider her interior. A fleshy Monstera is a perfect option for starters. Succulents like Hoya are another great plant gift idea.


Valentine’s Day is a special day in every couple’s life. They get to show each other their romantic side. By going for a non-cheesy valentine’s day gift for her, you will make her just the way she desires. The above gifts will certainly prove helpful in choosing a satisfactory gift for your ladylove.

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