Benefits of Using Modern Legal Case Management Software

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Modern Legal Case Management Software

The past few decades have seen the rise of IT (information technology) industry and it has become a massive part of every office and organization across all the industries. For the law firms, the IT industry has developed legal case management software. This software facilitates the legal departments to stay organized and increase efficiency.

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The software stores all the case related data, documents, contacts, emails, appointments, deadlines, billing, reports, research work and all other critical information together in one secured and accessible location. The importance of this software is known to all and hence it is a must-have for every legal department. However, many advocates and law firms are sceptical about the efficiency of this software as against the paper-based systems.


The old systems of managing the papers have managed to do a good job. But, with the rise in technology, the lawyers are looking for more efficient ways of running their practices. This is where the legal software comes into the picture but, to switch to a modern system, you should be well aware of its benefits. Let us quickly, check-out the benefits of the MyCases legal software:

  1. Team Collaboration

The legal case management software helps in the team collaboration. When you have several partners involved, scheduling a meeting can be a headache. As you will have to compare everyone’s calendar and check for their free time. Though there are digital calendars and certain collaborative platforms, it is not always possible to maintain software only for scheduling the meetings.  


But with the modern legal case management software can significantly ease the whole process with only a few clicks. Simply display the master schedule, select the people you need to bring together, and search for the first 30 minutes that is free for everyone. And once you schedule an appointment, the time slot will be marked on everyone’s calendar. The striking features of this are:

  • It easily creates calendar appointments.
  • If there are changes in any appointments, a new date can be booked with simple clicks.
  • If unknowingly you are booking two appointments for the same slot, you get an automated warning message. So there is no issue of double-bookings.
  • You can never miss a meeting because of the automated meeting reminders.
  • The same appointment entry can be later converted into a billing entry with simple clicks.
  1. Meeting Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is crucial. Any mistake from your side while managing the deadlines can change the result of the case. However, with this modern case management software, you will never miss any deadline.

It is possible because the system permits you to include the critical dates at any point in the case management workflow. These dates are chronologically arranged in the workflow thus ensuring that you meet all your deadlines.

  1. Document Management and Retrieval

Documents are an integral part of any legal department. Managing them is a tedious job, but not with the modern case management software. This software stores all the client’s data and documents in one place, allowing you to access the information about any client easily.

Since all the documents are stored in one location, it is easier to search for any case-related data and documents.

  1. Anytime, Anywhere Work Option

Nowadays we all are mobile but the work should not suffer. This software allows you to access the case data anytime, anywhere via a secured connection. Thus you can work from home, office or any other location.

  1. Time Tracking and Billing

This case management software is capable to track the time and bill at the same time. This means that you are less likely to lose the track of the billable time. All you have to do is to enter the billable hours and they will be automatically linked to the specific case, thus ensuring complete transparency of work done and billed hours.

To sum up, switching from an outdated system to new case management software is advantageous for the law firms. The new software will integrate the current systems; will help your law firm stay organized, manage your documents and calendar, so that you can concentrate on your legal duties.

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