Can ITL antivirus detect trojans? ITL Antivirus & Total security

can itl antivirus remove trojans

ITL Antivirus and Total Security Reviews

Yes, with its aggressive anti theft technology ITL is thoroughly capable of analyzing, detecting and eliminating trojan and other malware.

After analyzing the test result of ITL antivirus Total Security, we have noticed 99% detection rate which is so for the best when compared to other antiviruses.

If you are a regular computer user, then you might be aware of Trojan horse virus and its effect on your computer.

It is an infection, which gets linked to a few files in your system and documents that you download from the web.

The ultimate goal of Trojan infection is that once it evades the firewall of your system, it begins obliterating the documents subtly.

ITL antivirus scans, detects and eliminates all kinds of virus and malware.

ITL Antivirus software runs in the background on your computer, checking every file you open. This is generally known as on-access scanning, background scanning, resident scanning, real-time protection, or something else, depending on your antivirus program.

ITL Antivirus programs also scan other types of files that can contain viruses, trojan and other malware. For example, a .zip archive file may contain compressed viruses, or a Word document can contain a malicious macro. Files are scanned whenever they’re used – for example, if you download an EXE file, it will be scanned immediately, before you even open it.

It’s possible to use an antivirus without on-access scanning, but this generally isn’t a good idea – viruses that exploit security holes in programs wouldn’t be caught by the scanner.

After a virus has infected your system, it’s much harder to remove. (It’s also hard to be sure that the malware has ever been completely removed.)

Besides scanning for virus signatures all modern antivirus programs can do what’s called heuristic analysis. This means that if a file is found, which has some characteristics of viral/malware behavior, it is flagged as ‘suspicious’.

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This is a way to detect new (zero day) viruses/malware(Trojan) before they are really known.

Basically, a heuristic scanner works this way: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Of course, the heuristic method does not detect all viruses and also it can result in false alarms, but if well-implemented it can be quite effective. And that is what ITL antivirus does the best.

ITL antivirus provides virus definition updates on a very frequent basis and following this way it  receives the signatures of the latest zero day threats including malware automatically when your computer is connected to the internet, this way it can easily track down latest malicious activities which can harm your Computer operating system as well as your data performing real time protection.

ITL being a complete security package is developed to handle all the latest infections no matter if it is virus or a malware.

Let’s see what makes “viruses” and “malware” different. Viruses are nothing but a specific type of malware; they create duplicates and spread the infection all over the system, while malware is an umbrella term used to describe all sorts of malicious programs.

Malware includes spyware, ransomware, virus, trojans, and many more. But, because virus made headlines a few years ago, most security companies focused their marketing on them, which is why they’re called “antivirus.”

The “virus” was the term used most commonly, and it made headlines in early 90’s. Keeping virus as the base companies targeting security market called their program as antivirus.

Differing from the usual detection technology ITL Total Security leaves its competitors in the dust by using machine learning.

In other words, it is using artificial intelligence to prevent attacks on the system.

It has even demonstrated the ability to protect the system against zero-day exploits (loopholes the software vendor does not know about yet).

All we can say about ITL is that it has got all that it takes to be the best in class security solution.

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