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We are a part of technological revolution. The modern restaurant industry is revolutionizing from billing system to food delivery. Advanced automation is well-known to deliver quick services with results in budget. It is the most efficient way to automatically manage your data and keeps you posted of your restaurant data collection. Softwares made your restaurant itself a digital person without needing a lot of staff to take care of the management.

ask blue - Modern Restaurant Management Services

Ask Blue is one amongst the modern restaurant management software that reduce labor costs and keeps your manpower limited. Within this limited manpower it takes control of all of your restaurant branches. AskBlue helps create a smarter guest experience for you with having to worry about   the revenue opportunities.  It takes the load of the entire management on itself starting from front desk, housekeeping, room service, spa, maintenance, valet and lastly the kitchen data and food delivery.

What Makes Ask Blue Stand Out?

Yes, It is the modern restaurant management that makes it stand out from the rest. Technology has left the old management system far behind. We are not just a service provider we care for your customer relationships and hotel ratings, so we added modern technology to our asset. We care about your online reputation by delivering quick and quality services, it’s not all about just buying a restaurant management software. In addition to that we keep an account of your hotel’s kitchen data and various other menu attributes.

With ask blue you don’t have to compromise you’re in-dine experience. Our Management system is fully integrated with Google, Alexa and other similar devices. Our analytics system keeps the track of Guest insights that in turn improves the capital investments.


Have a look at our creative products which are the advanced tools to our restaurant operations:

Blue Text 

This gives an ease to hotel guests to contact us with the help of a simple text saying “Hire Blue”. We are just a text away to customers whether they are on a rooftop, lobby, lounge, elevator, parking area, pool, bar or may be inside their room. You don’t have to go through a long procedure that usually takes a lot of time. This is a quick time saver.

Blue Voice

Blue makes use of smart speakers for language translation and other voice related requests. We work with smart speakers like Google and Alexa.

Check out a simple example to know how it works:

Say “Hi Google, Where can I find my favorite food”(your favorite food name)?

Just done!

Now Blue will reply to you with all the details via the Alexa and Google device.

You must be wondering what if the guest speaks a different language? What to do in such a case?

Don’t worry, we have an aid to this. For international travelers and forgein guests we have blue fish.

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Blue Fish

Speak to blue fish in your own language as blue knows French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, English, Arabic, Korean and more. It translates it for the staff to understand what the guest wants.With this you do not have to worry about the language barriers which are often faced by hotel staff.

Ask Blue Hub

Your Front end staff can check-in the guests with ask blue hub. Guests can clarify their queries with the hotel staff and manager. This is one form of customer support wherin you are assisted of any issues regarding your stay in the hotel. The hotel staff takes the complete initiative to answer your queries.


Blue Analytics

It records the guest insights about their needs and the information about the guest requests. It ensures that the staff’s time and hotel investments are spent rightly. It keeps the track of the customer needs and requests that is being made to the hotel staff with ensuring that are taken care of with priority.

Last but not least is the Blue Private, It takes care of the Guest’s privacy by keeping the devices from recording the sensitive conversations of the Guest. Guest conversation is made private and secure. This is for customer data privacy and protection. We take care of our guest’s confidential information making your stay more secure. This is the plus advantage you will get from us.

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