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Users Safety Tips For Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites – online platforms for communicating with people has become an important part of our lives. In the 21st Century, it doesn’t matter what your age is, but having an account on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is essential to communicate with others.

Follow 5 Tips To Stay secure On Social Networking Sites

Over the years, the popularity of such sites has increased with the growing population because these sites are able to meet the needs and interest of many people. For teens and adults, it is a way to socialize while for professionals it helps in growing their businesses.

Social networking sites benefit in many ways, however overlooking the risks involved with them would be a foolish choice. Every day we hear threats of criminal activity like identity theft, hacking and injecting malware/viruses via photos, videos, also emoticons and GIFs.

As a result, users fall prey to impersonators causing damage to their accounts while disrupting the total security of Windows and Mac computers. To make out the best online use of social networking sites, it is important to avoid the risks of staying secure by using a free anti-virus: ITL Total Security & Antivirus.

Thus, users need to understand and Follow 5 Tips to Stay Secure on Social Networking Sites for highly effective and secure use.

Adjust Privacy Settings to Your benefit

Nearly all the social networking sites have a pre-set of default privacy settings. Majority of people often feel that these default privacy setting are sufficient enough to save your profile information from online scammers. But, it is not true!

Social networking sites give many options for privacy settings from blocking strangers to select which and what kind of information do you want to show. The settings limit the shared information and more you open your account to the public, higher the chances of criminal activities increases.

It is easy to adjust social media privacy settings any time and one should always keep their accounts connected to email id and phone number.

Be Cautious! Sharing Too Much Could Cost Your Account

On a social networking website, people have options of sharing their personal details with friends and followers, even more, they could share it publicly. Sharing required information is okay, but revealing every facet of your life may put you in trouble.

For the sake of your personal safety, you must not reveal your date and place of birth, address and phone number, as this had put several people into the severe risk for identity thefts and fraud.

The basic personal information is also required to sign up on social media sites but after you sign up, you have the options to make this information private.

Additionally, it is extremely important that one mustn’t reveal their credit card numbers, banking details, passwords or social security numbers, OTP pins, etc. on any networking site.

If you share all such information, it will make you a victim to the crimes ranging from stalking to identity theft and frauds. We also suggest you control the information you share outside with other sources. Do not share your personal details.

Microblogging on social networking sites allows users to share their every moment of life and happiness. It is mainly done to get a social attraction that helps in building a strong social media interaction.

But revealing too much about your personal life would make you an easy victim of cyber attackers, ethical hacking and social hijacking. It is better to reveal less and stay grounded!

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Make Friends but Don’t Forget To Verify Them

There exist a number of reasons for anyone to put up a false account. Such accounts are set up to misrepresent themselves in front of another person for making false statements.

If there is ever an uncertainty about the authenticity of any account in your friend list, then it is important enough to check the individual. If the account is found suspicious, then one must block it.

In order to ensure the security of your own account, one must review their profile once in a week to check the settings, content shared and people who liked you, followed you and pretty much stalking you.

Keep a Strong Password

Security is very important for anyone’s social networking account same like computers and other devices. Creating a strong password will always prevent hackers from gaining access to your account.

Always create a password which is greater than eight characters to secure social media accounts. The characters must contain letters, special symbols and numbers. Also, it must be changed in every three months.

Some Other Safety Tips

  • Be selective while accepting friend requests.
  • Always set few security questions and answers.
  • Social media accounts are regularly hacked via malicious links. Always be careful to click links.
  • Control your commenting and stop yourself from giving online comments publicly.
  • Do not ever violate social networking social media privacy policies.
  • Create a small but genuine social network.
  • Keep track of your social media activities.
  • Have the best security anti-virus like ITL Total Security to make your online presence safe.

We live in a world where social media is useful and advantageous. The culture of sharing information is important but one must realize not to share everything on social networking sites.

You never know what can go wrong due to any of your public activity. As far as cyber-security is concerned, it is definitely important to follow 5 tips to stay secure on social networking sites.

However, the best option is to follow a free anti-virus tool like ITL Total Security that has the capability to stop incoming of the malicious file into your computer.

The above tips will help you to stay secure by yourself at the personal front, but the tool will work 24X7 to safeguard your online presence forever on social networking sites making everything easy and threat free.

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