7 Ways to Help You Maintain Your iBall Laptop and More

Maintain Your iBall Laptop

A laptop is one of the necessities of life. It is not considered a luxury because it gives you the freedom to work from anywhere without being present in a place. 

Hence, people are now able to work seamlessly right from the comfort of their homes and other places as per their choices. 

Maintain Your iBall Laptop

You can find many leading brands offering quality laptops with advanced features and at reasonable prices. 

iBall is an Indian company that manufactures affordable notebooks that are second to none in performance. 

However, no matter what brand of laptop you pick, it is vital to maintain them for long life. It is because investing in a laptop means a higher amount, and hence, it becomes a must to keep them well-maintained.  

Hence, here are some quick tips that you can implement to take care of your iBall laptop and any other. Read on and discover more!

Easy ways to take care of your iBall laptops and more


1. Treat the battery of your notebook well 

You should know that laptop batteries will last only for a few years. Hence, it is not good to leave the battery of your iBall laptop and more charging all the time. Once the battery is done charging, you should unplug the cable or remove the battery. It becomes vital to charge your batteries fully and use it fully before charging again.

2. Get padded protection 

You may go ahead and pick up a laptop sleeve, book bag or laptop case to carry around the device. You can even make one out of your pillow or sleeping bag. It is vital to do as dropping the notebook may lead to crashing and losing all data. 

3. Opt for an antivirus and a Firewall 

It is equally crucial to use updated antivirus program. Fixing your iBall laptop or any other will cost you heavy if you get spyware or virus in it. Also, protecting your confidential data like credit card info from being stolen is even important. As a result, you should also get a Firewall system. 

4. Defragment your HDD 

If you are using a MAC, the laptop can maintain itself regularly. However, if you are using a PC, then you ought to defragment your hard disk drive or HDD. It will lead your iBall laptop or any other brand to run faster. You can access your disk defragmenter using this pathway such as: 

  • Click start 
  • Programs 
  • Accessories 
  • System tools, and 
  • Disk Defragmenter 

5. Reformat

If you see that your computer is wearing out or hanging often, then it may be time to consider backing up all data and reinstalling the operating system or OS. Doing that will renew your computer, and it will run with new energy. 

6. Watch out with food and drinks 

You would be amazed to know that so many laptops are ruined involving food and drinks, especially coffee. You should avoid eating and drinking near your iBall laptop and others. Also, keep off that sauce off falling on your laptop. It is because a simple sauce is enough to ruin it. 

7. Keep your notebook cool 

It would also be suggested to avoid keeping the laptop on your bed or any other soft surfaces as that will not allow air flowing via it. It would be good to find a cool and a hard surface like a wooden table to avoid overheating and let airflow happen. You can also invest in a cooling pad or fan to prevent overheating from hurting your iBall laptops. 

Some of the simple yet easy-to-follow tips to take care of or maintaining your iBall laptops or more are now in front of you to incorporate. A laptop is not an investment that you make daily, and hence, all efforts should be taken to maintain it. 

In case if you are all set to buy an iBall laptop or any other notebook without paying its entire price at once, then you can opt for the easy EMI facility. 

Bajaj Finserv EMI Network can help you divide laptops’ cost over a tenor so that you only pay fixed EMIs and nothing additional. This way, you can enjoy savings compared to other payment options.

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