Collaboration between Software Development and IoT

Software Development and IoT

As the name implies, internet of things refers to the system that provides a unique identifier (UID) to interrelated things ( such as computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, animals, objects or people) with the application of the internet.

In this case, data are transferred over a network without the need for human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction.

IoT technology empowers you to control physical objects and smart devices remotely whether to maintain communication or exchange data. Additionally, automation feature of this system allows IoT operated gadgets and devices to be accessed to their fullest at any given time.

With the application of IoT technology, you can turn disengaged elements under the radar of control and synchronization with uninterrupted interactions.

Software Development – a Nontechnical Overview

According to IBM Research:

Software development refers to a set of computer science activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying and supporting software.

In other words,

software development is an iterative logical process that aims to create a computer coded or programmed software to address a unique business or personal objective, goal or process.

Software development is the process where a predetermined initiative that comprises interrelated stages, in their full functional way, leading to the development of functional software.

Software development is a complex process that requires predefined planning and subsequent execution in order to meet desired goals.

Software Development

The current post has been designated to provide complete visualization of software development in the light of IOT (Internet of Things).

Also, the topic will guide you throughout the processes of software development in the lights of IoT. In this process, a series of interlinked programming code provides functionality to the developed software.

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Components of IoT

  • Interlinked smart devices and sensors:

Devices along with the external sensors are then major components constitutes the most important part IoT. Smart sensors are like transporters of data from the surrounding environment. In recent days, effective semiconductor technology provides more advanced micro smart sensors according to industry-relevant applications. Few of the commonly available sensors are

  • Humidity readers
  • Temperature sensors
  • Thermostat
  • Proximity detector
  • Heat optimizer.
  • Pressure sensors
  • Controllers of room ambience.

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  • Gateway:

IoT gateway is an integral part of bi-directional data exchange over different protocols and network. Most fascinating aspect of IoT Gateways is configuring and pr-processing of sensor-generated data prior t its transmission to the successive ends. Also, it can translate diverse network protocols and subsequently establishes connective network interoperability of IoT systems.

As with data, illegal access and vulnerability to malicious attacks have been one of the major concern. High-end encryption capability helps to make data secure and prevent the above-mentioned mishaps.

  • Cloud-management of management of distributed data:

As huge amount of data generates from the application of IoT, these need secure storage and appropriate management. IoT constitutes advanced tools and techniques that allow to gather and arrange data. These data can be accessed from a remote position and they play major roles in mitigating critical business situations.

High performing server network imparts distributed data management system where data from millions of sources like sensors, protocols, and data management system.

  • Predictive analytics:

Strong software for analytics constituted by an IoT network facilitates to process and convert significant amount of data from billions of devices and sensors. These data are converted into a consumable way that can further be utilized to identify drawbacks and loopholes for further furnishing of the existing strategy.

  • User interface:

Generally, users bear physical interaction with a visible and accessible user interface- a constituent of the IoT network. The more effortless and smooth interaction, the better development of appropriate and convenient user interface from UI designers and IoT developers.

UI technology has improved more sophisticated design while keeping it as simple as possible. For example, smart homes are now including smooth control panel rather than traditional hard switches.

User interface

IoT app development tools

Increasing evasion of IoT in software industry has revolutionized the way of operating business and daily lives. This attracts many software developers to use the platform and tools

Things to consider while developing an IoT app, among which most notable ones are mentioned below

  • Tessel-2

Tessel-2 is equipped with huge numbers of modules and sensors sufficient for developing basic IoT prototypes and solutions. Common modules are RFID, camera, accelerometer, GPS and many more.

As Node.JS can program Tessel hardware devices, software developers with expertise in JavaScript lay foundation to develop robust IoT platforms to develop IoT apps.

  • Home assistant

People seeking expertise to master the field of smart home solutions, Home Assistant is ready to fit solution. An expert can develop consistent connectivity between the living house and internet.

As it runs on Python, Home Assistant fulfills the standard to develop IoT apps and is likely to be better solution for interaction with digital hardware system using WebSockets

  • Canopy

The platform Canopy helps you to conceive a viable structure for IoT cloud in which case acts as a heroic relay of cloud among IoT devices and IoT apps.

One of the notable reason for immense popularity of Canopy cloud service open-source availability which can be run on any given platform.

  • Zetta

None.JS built effective server-based platform, Zetta hat converts all devices from different brands into an API. It’s the pioneer software development that utilizes cloud to its extent, that empowers you to access it irrespective of space and time.

Similar to Arduino, one of the most fascinating features of Zetta is its ability to benefit users from combining of the topmost reactive programming along with Websockets. This suits the requisite elements while implementing data-packed IoT.

  • Arduino

Newcomers who are keen to prosper in the field of software development and acquire fame, you can build interactive apps that suits IoT economy with the implementation of these tools. Novices get the opportunity to avail software tools that help them develop working software.

Additionally, enabling f cloud-based system that allows developers to share messages beyond boundaries.

  • IBM Watson

A form of API (Application Programming Interface), IBM Watson bears resemblance with Artificial Intelligence. You can harness this innovative tool that can potentially help you to make predetermined decision based on the current analysis of the market situation.

Additionally, inclusion of chatbox with the ability to interpret different languages makes IBM Watson favored one.

Ali of the tools mentioned above are targeted to fulfill one purpose I.e., extract the best out of IoT for the aspiring software developers.

Why businesses are adopting IoT

Technological advancements are gradually increasing in practice and their faster incorporation in different industries has changed the way of operating business.

According to the latest data report pirovided by IDC, total global IoT investment has reached772.5 billion in 2018. The data suggest the importance and greater impact of mobile app development in software industries and their realization of considering it an integral part of business by companies.

Adoption of trending innovation such as IoT is smarter choice than being worried about competitors and their strategies. In order to survive in the immense competition of rivalry in software development, adaptation is the sole choice to avoid extinction. Complete visualization and in detail analytics of consumer interaction with businesses can help to provide quality services and increase productivity.

Additionally, there are numerous other benefits of devices interconnected through IoT such as,

  • With the power of interconnected devices, businesses can monitor functionality performance of their assets. They can track, maintain and control the situation.
  • As IoT provides, ambient data, they can be utilized to measure cost for maintenance and potential threats to their assets.
  • Organizations can maintain a steady workforce through monitoring health standard and safety compliance of all employees.
  • Complete visualization and real-time data help cargo companies to maintain their logistics supply as well as monitor their status.
  • IoT provides such a huge amount of data that can be treated to conceptualize consumer choices and demands that helps organizations to implement best possible strategy or make further improvements of their existing ones.

Final thoughts

In the era of technological advancements, developmental process has evolved a long way and now has become an integral part of human lives. In the history of technology, Internet of things, probably, is the most exciting evolution. Gadget and devices have become more specialized and they have become more dedicated to the betterment of improving human lives.

However, it might not be that easier as it sounds- there are certain parameters interrelated with each other, are factors that greatly defines the effectiveness of software development. Devices, basically destined to operate simple computational programs, have now become near intellectual to human beings. The age is not far away from where the world would be dominated by machines.

Further readings

Software development is like a craft that can only be furnished when combined with appropriate ingredients. Collaboration of software with IoT increases the feasibility of an application. They not only provide wand for software development but also helps in elevating the standard of living. In business, they play crucial role to withstand the tough competitions and have been an integral part of daily operations.

The following link will harness your software development capability using IoT:

Collaboration between Software Development and IoT
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Collaboration between Software Development and IoT
Internet of things refers to the system that provides a unique identifier (UID) to interrelated things ( such as computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, animals, objects or people) with the application of the internet.
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