Top 7 Reasons on Why To Use Zend Framework (ZF)

Zend Framework

Zend Framework or ZF is an open-source object-oriented framework that is implemented in PHP 7 and licensed under the new BSD license.

This framework has brought an amazing change in the world of PHP and website developers. Contrary to the traditional website developing platforms, ZF allows creating robust PHP based web application and solutions.

Lately, ZF is among the most famous web development frameworks to create powerful websites across the Globe. Being one of the favorite MVC frameworks among the developers, ZF has grown even better with the latest and more stable version Zend3 introduced in 2016.

Zend is not only capable of boosting small mid-sized business but this PHP based powerful framework is also equally capable of handling big enterprises. Featured with a modular approach, PHP composer, service manager, and event manager ZF can easily boost any enterprise by creating a powerful application for them.

With Zend Framework, there are a good number of features that help a developer to code better.

Here, let’s have a look at the reasons why one should choose Zend Framework for their Website.


Ease of Performing Hard tasks

The most important part, why you should use Zend Framework for your enterprise is, you can efficiently perform a lot of tasks using Zend Framework. This framework possesses exception ability to integrate components which include controlling access, user authentication and resources.

Using this framework you can have control over your resources using zend_acl easily. Similarly, to authenticate a user you can use zend_auth, where zend_form will create a form for you easily.

Zend Framework also makes it easier to read an RSS feed using zend_feed.

Decoupled Property

Zend Framework has its decoupled property to a large extent making it user-friendly. Using ZF you can easily use your required features, leaving the rest.

ZF is having a perfect collection of classes. Though you can download it whole, ZF lets you download only the required components for you while you can easily ignore the rest. You can easily have the advantages of different components as individual libraries without worrying about the whole framework. This makes your coding experience easier.

The developers who work on Zend Framework must have heard about the ‘Glue Framework’. This refers to the decoupled nature of the Zend Framework and its ability to be glued on other existing applications.

Reduces Technology Risks

A highly efficient Zend framework development company can help you to perform your tasks using its library in a very easy and effective way. It also helps you to perform your task quickly increase your productivity.

Zend Framework undergoes intensive testing for all its features having PHP as their measuring standard. All most 80% code coverage can be found on all its components. You can find consistent integration storage in place for it.

Easy to Integrate

As mentioned earlier, being decoupled by nature one can easily integrate this application with anything they want. Not only with Zend Framework libraries but you can choose to integrate with libraries from other frameworks as well.

As an example, if the developer team is planning to purchase Smarty as their template, they can integrate a wrapping class using zend-view-Abstract, which uses Smarty to render.

Extended Classes

Being a complete object-oriented platform, Zend Framework uses a lot of consequent OO (Object Oriented) concepts such as inheritance and interfaces. This allows the developers to extend this framework’s components to a great extent. This also helps the developers to implement their versions and variations of each component. Developers can easily perform this without hacking into a codebase that helps to bring uniqueness in projects.

The Goodness of Object Orientation

When you choose to work on Zend Framework everything here needs to be viewed as a different object. At the same time, Object Orientation has its own set of disadvantages. OO makes coding way too tedious as well as, this makes coding more complicated. But, this also provides an upper hand as this helps the developers to reuse their codes.

Guideline and standards

When it comes to working on Zend Framework, you can easily count on them. Besides, the Zend Framework has an equally reliable community. Zend Framework is built according to its guide which refers to:

  • Every contributor is required to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) at any level for both code and documentation.
  • Extensive testing must be performed using PHP unit on the code
  • Further coding must be done in compliance with coding standards.

Followed by such strict rules, you can sure that your enterprise application development with Zend Framework is completely secured and safe. At the same time, the Zend framework makes sure, that all codes are of high quality and readable. Codes issued using Zend Framework are well tested hence, they are very much reliable.


So here are the seven key factors that are mentioned above are the reason why Zend Framework is chosen by most of the enterprises lately to build a good cutting-edge website. But the benefits of using Zend Framework doesn’t end only here.

While Zend Framework has these excellent benefits, this is also among those very platforms that offer not only Zend Framework certification but PHP certification as well for the developers. This makes Zend Framework more eligible to the emerging and new developers to take up training and certification program that in turn makes them build a better portfolio.

At the same time, with Zend Framework, developers are needed to write tests for their codes. This makes these codes easier to exchange and refactor. They are also required to create an input-output whitelist and think of possible usage of these codes.

Having complexity, Zend Framework fuses a steep learning curve. But, the documentation and its existing communities help the new developers and learners to understand this Framework better.

While using Zend Framework you must be aware that this framework doesn’t have a model implementation. But, this lack of implementation lets the developers have the flexibility of using any element.

Almost 18% of industry and websites use Zend Framework. 433 websites are using Zend Framework only in China alone, where the United States is having almost 332 websites using this framework.

Top 7 Reasons on Why To Use Zend Framework (ZF)
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Top 7 Reasons on Why To Use Zend Framework (ZF)
Zend Framework (ZF) is an open-source object-oriented framework that is implemented in PHP 7. Here are Top 7 Reasons on Why To Use Zend Framework.
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