7 Reasons to Use Node.js Developers for Web Application Development

No other developers are in more demand today than Node.js developers. The demand for the services and expertise of Node.js developers has expanded exponentially in the past couple of years. This can be directly owed to the rising popularity of Node.js which continues to go from strength to strength and saw a 49% increase in its downloads last year. Ever since it’s release in 2010, the demand for Node.js has always been a constant upward trajectory and the same is set to continue for quite some time ahead. Here are the top 7 reasons to make the use of Node.js developers for web application development.

  • Data Streaming – js can process the files when they are being uploaded and thus ends up saving a lot of time which would have otherwise been wasted. It is also equally effective when it comes to video and audio recording in real-time. Data streaming with Node.js can be used to avail significant benefits when creating certain integral features.


  • Scalability – One of the major reasons for the resounding success and popularity of Node.js is its immense scalability. It ensures a higher level of flexibility and is widely appreciated and extensively used for the same. Most companies that want to immediately scale up operations always end up finding Node.js to be a lot more beneficial. Both vertical and horizontal scaling is possible with the help of Node apps.



  • Proxy Server –One of the benefits of using this is that works as a proxy server for services with different response times. It can proxy many services due to the totality of its extraordinary benefits. Any company lacking a specialized proxy infrastructure can make full use of Node.js for better results and productivity.

Proxy Server

  • Extremely Fast – It is very fast, keeps the running of the coding much faster and also has the capability of increasing any framework’s speed. It has proved to be of immense help to many well-established companies in building fast and flexible network applications that proved able to handle parallel connections. It is also very easy to use this in making prototypes of any web application in a much shorter time-frame than the others. Its quickness is effectively backed up by its ease of operations which isn’t too complex and this is something that goes down with most developers. Common web application tasks can be executed using Node.js at a lightning-fast speed.


  • Community Friendly –It is very community-friendly as it has an open-source community that offers a plethora of rich features to the developers. Node.js are responsible for the development of a lot of top-notch frameworks which significantly enhances the application development process. It’s multipurpose benefits and immensely rich features are appreciated by the majority of the developers whose collective extensive use has ensured that Node.js emerges as one of the biggest players in real-time web app development. Socket.io is one of it’s most popular modules that facilitates effortless and continuous communication between the clients and the servers.
  • Strong backing of corporates –No one working in tech today is oblivious of the multi-purpose benefits of Node.js. It is widely popular and enjoys the strong backing of some of the biggest corporates of our times. To speed up the developmental progress of Node.js, a foundation by the same name was begun by 5 of the biggest companies of our times – Microsoft, SAP, Fidelity, PayPal, and IBM. Further corporate patronage of Node.js, always seems to be on a constant upswing which is very reflected in the constant rise in the number of companies that utilize Node.js in its production. Node.js is one of the rare very open-source projects, which has managed to have such a huge corporate backing.
  • Great for real-time applications – js is very effective in making real-time applications especially chats and gaming apps. For programs that need an event-based server to run, Node.js is again far more effective than the others. It’s of great use to companies who are more dependent on customer information than the others. It helps these companies in boosting their sales by offering customers more of what they would more inclined to buy, rather than something random. Node.js allows for effortless ease of operations and using this to make a real-time web application is as easy and as fast as creating a new blog. Some of the most renowned platforms of our times, including the likes of Paypal, eBay, and LinkedIn (but not limited to them) were all developed using Node.js.

Real-time applications


It is arguably one of the most popular web development technologies out there and today young developers are more inclined to begin their careers in web development services with Node.js than any other technology.Node.js has delivered outstanding verifiable results for some of the biggest and most popular companies of our times, including the likes of LinkedIn, Netflix, Paypal, and many others. Node.js is increasingly becoming an integral part of the technology stack of many tech companies and the same extends to some of the hottest up and coming startups on the horizon.

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