Why Digital Literacy Holds Great Importance In Today’s World

Importance Of Digital Literacy In The World Of Digitalization

Importance Of Digital Literacy In The World Of Digitalization

Whenever, we hear the world technology, digitalization comes into our mind. As in this global area we all have moved towards digitalization. Everything has taken a turn, whether it is a retail business, educational institutes or a service salon all of them are operating online on various social media platforms. It’s not every business’s thing to take advantage of digitalization. Hence there are digital marketing company in Karachi who are helping such businesses out to remain in competition.

Digital Literacy:

Anyone who wants to take advantage from this era of globalization, they need to be digitally literate about it. Experts define digital literacy “The ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share and create content using information technologies and internet.”

Digital Literacy

It includes devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. When a person reads a book on Watt pad, creates or shares a YouTube video, sends messages through what’s app or reads news through the BBC news app, the person is exhibiting digital literacy. It combines broad range of new technology. A digitally literate person is the one who is familiar with tools such as internet, mobile tablets to share and create information. Essay Grant is always at your service. It will provide great service of writing papers to the specifications of you.  

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Importance Of Digital Literacy:

  • Digital literacy gives a platform where you can even get your grocery done just by a few clicks and have it delivered to your door steps ( Hum mart) or travelling from one face to another is also just a click away ( Careem, Uber). So it is very important to become digitally literate to keep pace with the changing trends of the world.
  • Previously, communication wasn’t easy. People communicated through written letters but now communication is much easier and faster. This is because now we communicate through messages or texts, which requires digital literacy.
  • Digital literacy has changed and made lives a lot easier than before because now you don’t need to write a letter to get in touch with an old friend as he is just a phone call away.
  • It expands knowledge and encourages learning. As students might not be aware of the power of some digital platforms. Teachers would make them aware of the fact that what more could be achieved through it rather than just entertainment.
  • It also encourages lifelong learning as technology is embedded in our daily lives. Hence, from a very early age students should be made aware of the drastic benefits of technology.
  • It gives an ability to explore environment because of tons of information available, which is just a click away.
  • It makes everything much easier. An unemployed person can look for jobs online as there are so many websites solely for this purpose. Along with it you can even learn to cook through video tutorials. There’s nothing which could not be done or learnt online.

Not only this but digital technology is being used in class rooms also, as in the in the coming times, without digital literacy one cannot prosper further.


Digital Literacy in Classrooms:

The generation today is born into a world full of technological advancements; it’s a fully digitalized world, unlike their parents and others who have never experienced anything as such.

Digital Literacy in Classrooms

Due to this digitalized world it’s very essential to promote digital literacy in educational institutions as well. This should be done to ensure that students become able to use, and express themselves through, information and communication technology easily. To digitally literate a student there would be technology required in the classroom. It implies that students should have impeccable reading and writing skills but without paper, pencil and books. The technology that could be used in classroom includes.

  • Digital Calendars-this would comprise of the daily or weekly schedule for the activities of students and other events.
  • Annotation tool-this would allow students to take notes.
  • Digital devices-Ipads, desktops or laptops.
  • Class website-to share class activities with the parents.
  • Student portfolios-to collect and assign work to students.
  • Student emails-this would provide teachers with a method of communicating with students outside class.
  • Vocabulary tool-to decodes words which they are unable to understand. This dictionary tool should be easily accessible from a digital device being used.

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